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The Best Hiking Trails in Los Angeles

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Hiking in Runyon Canyon

An AMAZING View of Runyon Canyon

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Little compares to the hiking trails of Runyon Canyon – with so many to choose from, every time feels like a new experience. Whether you are hiking for sport or for the health of it, the superior quality and layout of the dusty Runyon Canyon hiking trails are perfect for any age or athletic range. If working up a heavy sweat isn’t enough for you, maybe the breathtaking views of the city will be the payoff you desire. From challenging hills covered with beautiful bodies to pull up bars and benches perfect for push-ups, Runyon Canyon is the ultimate workout spot. Throw away that gym membership, save yourself some money and put yourself on a Runyon Canyon workout plan.

There is nothing like a breath of fresh Runyon Canyon air, the dirt under your feet while surrounded by the city. Early birds get the luxury of an uncrowded Runyon Canyon trail but a dusk trailblazer gets the view of the city lights against the fading sky.

There are 3 main hiking trails at Runyon Canyon perfectly designed your personal challenge level. Whether you are visiting Runyon Canyon for a leisurely stroll with your pup or running the trails of Runyon Canyon to get a hard workout and get ripped – Runyon Canyon has everything you are looking for. Make sure you have a good set of running shoes when visiting Runyon Canyon as the terrain is steep and unpaved in many areas of the park and always make sure you bring enough fresh water with you. Enjoy your time at Runyon Canyon!

View the detailed map listed below for more information about hiking trails and other important places throughout Runyon Canyon Park.

View Runyon Canyon Park in a larger map

Click on the trails in the map to see more details about the trail or attraction in Runyon Canyon.

Places of Interest


1. Runyon Canyon – Fuller Avenue Entrance
Welcome to Runyon Canyon
The Fuller Avenue entrance of Runyon Canyon only a stones throw away from historic Hollywood landmarks and the most popular and widely-used gateway into this world-famous park. This side of Runyon Canyon offers very little-to-no on-the-street parking and is the closest to the grassy park where the FREE daily Yoga classes are held.

2. Runyon Canyon – N. Vista Street Entrance
Welcome to Runyon Canyon
The N. Vista Street entrance of Runyon Canyon; lined beautiful gardens on a quiet street this entrance drops you off directly into the heart of Runyon Canyon. When entering Runyon Canyon from the N. Vista Street entrance you will find yourself at the designated stretching area of the park and the beginning of the two most popular hiking routes.

3. Runyon Canyon – Runyon Canyon Road Entrance
Welcome to Runyon Canyon
The Runyon Canyon Road entrance of Runyon Canyon; a fun and intriguing way to enter the park. Not only does this entrance bring you directly on to the top of the mountain but it also offers an instantly-stunning view of the entire Runyon Canyon. This road connects Hollywood to the North side of the Santa Monica Mountain Range directly beside the mascots of Runyon Canyon; a horse named Wilber and goat named George who live in the ranch at the top of the hill.

Hiking Routes

1. Runyon Canyon – Route A
Hiking in Runyon Canyon
Route A is what hiking in Runyon Canyon is all about; fun, relaxing, beautiful and everything you need to unwind and enjoy a day in the park. Route A is best known for it’s lax off-leash policy, soft incline and beautiful view. Runyon Canyon’s Route A is one of the last real-life social networks left in the city, canine and owner alike.

Paired with a free yoga session, Route A is exactly what the doctor ordered after a hard day at work and the perfect way to start a weekend.

2. Runyon Canyon – Route B
Hiking in Runyon Canyon
Route B is a fun, friendly and challenging hike up the dusty hills of Runyon Canyon – not only is it a great workout but it’s a great way to see the city of Los Angeles. See Runyon Canyon like you’ve never seen it before, Route B is AMAZING!

Route B offers the best view of the world-famous Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory in the distance. The view of downtown Los Angeles from Route B is stunning and simply unbeatable; Route B is more than a hiking trail…it’s life-changing.

3. Runyon Canyon – Route C
Hiking in Runyon Canyon
Route C is not for the feint of heart nor is it a game, this route is naturally designed by tough folks to challenge themselves and challenge other champions that choose to follow in their footsteps.

Runyon Canyon’s Route C is for the highest training level users and visitors to the park. This route is perfect for intense cardiovascular and cross training. Stack on muscle and power in a hurry while burning serious calories in the meantime. Route C is the hardest route in Runyon Canyon and will hurt your body if not prepared. Not only does it offer the best workout but also the best view 360 degree view of the city of Los Angeles – on a clear day you can see from downtown to the oceans and beyond.

Hiking Detours

1. Runyon Canyon – Detour 1
The Walk of Love!
This small detour is the only path that leads you directly to the Love / Peace Spiral. If you enter the park through the Fuller Ave. entrance then this path is super easy to find and fun to explore. Along the way to the Love / Peace Spiral you will find a rope swing ready for use and guaranteed relaxation.

2. Runyon Canyon – Detour 2
The Money Shot!
You’ve come this far – now it’s time for the big pay off. Take and easy stroll through the wooded hills to the BEST scenic outlook point in all of Runyon Canyon. This is the view that makes Runyon Canyon the most beloved park in the city of Los Angeles – treat yourself to the best view in the city…of the city.

Important Runyon Canyon Spots

1. Runyon Canyon – Yoga Park
Take a light breeze, the shade from an oak tree, the warm sun and a soft patch of grass – this is yoga in the Runyon Canyon park. The fans of Runyon Canyon and the supporters of FREE yoga at Runyon Canyon have taken the FREE yoga classes to new heights. Come one, come all and get ready for the best yoga in the city.

The FREE yoga classes and sessions at Runyon Canyon are open and friendly to all experience levels of yogis.

2. Runyon Canyon – Stretching Area
Don’t Forget to Stretch
Welcome to the designated Runyon Canyon stretching area; stretching is the most important part of working out and this is the place to do it.

Not stretching before a workout or even stretching improperly can cause serious, permanent injuries – make sure to do your research before stretching and stretch properly before working out.

Most importantly; enjoy your workout and your time at Runyon Canyon.

3. Runyon Canyon – Tai Chi Area
Building Chi
Runyon Canyon has so many paths throughout the park, most lead to the top of the mountain and others lead to a spiritual connection to your inner self. Some look at this empty lot as just that and others see it as a place to connect with themselves. This Tai Chi area is open and ready to use, free of charge and without reservations. Connect with yourself and build your chi to it’s max – start your day off right or end your night perfectly.

Scenic Runyon Canyon Spots

1. Runyon Canyon – Scenic Outlook 1
Seeing Los Angeles in a Whole New Way
Runyon Canyon offers the most stunning view of the city of Los Angeles and this is just one of them. On a clear day in Runyon Canyon (usually the day after it rains) you can see from downtown Los Angeles the whole way to the Venice Beach and beyond. Runyon Canyon offers the best sightseeing in the city of Los Angeles and your every photo you take is breathtaking. Treat yourself to a day of fun in the sun and don’t forget to take your camera to capture all of the memories.

Nothing makes for a better postcard than a picture taken at the top of Runyon Canyon.

2. Runyon Canyon – Scenic Outlook 2
360 Degrees of Amazing!
This scenic outlook point in Runyon Canyon offers the most amazing view of the city of Los Angeles and responsible for the best photos and even better memories. This scenic outlook point is not easy to find but if you follow the map and some suggestions for other hikers in the park – you will be glad you visited.

This is the kind of view that dreams are made of and if you don’t bring a camera – you will kick yourself.

Runyon Canyon “Must-See” Areas

1. The Runyon Canyon Love / Peace Spiral
Enough Love to Go Round!
Welcome to a Runyon Canyon spectacle – the Love / Peace Spiral, designed by the visitors and fans of Runyon Canyon for other visitors, fans and lovers of Runyon Canyon. Hidden towards the back of the park amongst the trees and only visible from the top of the hills of Runyon Canyon – this is truly something special.

Nobody is sure who designed it – but we are all glad they did.

2. Runyon Canyon – Prayer Box 4.0
One Step Closer to God!
The Runyon Canyon Prayer Box 4.0 is a collaborated effort of the Style Network’s Jeannie Mai and other fans, lovers and visitors of Runyon Canyon. The Runyon Canyon Prayer Box 4.0 is located at the peak of the summit and your direct link to God. Submit your hopes, your dreams and all of the prayers you wish to be heard – this is your time.

3. The Runyon Canyon Ranch
The Runyon Canyon Mascots
This is one of the coolest ranches in the world and it just happens to be at the top of Runyon Canyon. In a foreground lives a horse named Wilber and goat named George who live in the ranch at the top of the hill. In the background lives a stunning view of the bustling city of Los Angeles that lives and breathes in front of your eyes. This ranch and the mascots that live there are a must-see during your hike in Runyon Canyon – you will be happy you stopped by.

4. Runyon Canyon Mansion
Your Dream House Awaits
If you’ve ever been to the top of the Runyon Canyon summit then you’ve seen the dream house you’ve wished for since a small child. Vacant and ready for you to claim, this mansion is packed with history and real Hollywood stories and mystery. If you have a few million in your bank account that is ready for use and burning a whole in your pocket – this dream house is real.


There is little-to-no parking available at Runyon Canyon. Please trust what you’ve heard from your friends whom have visited the park before. Please refrain from driving to Runyon Canyon park as the frustration will ruin your experience. Your best bet for getting to and from the park would be to walk, take public transportation, take a taxi or ride your bike. We repeat DO NOT DRIVE TO RUNYON CANYON! This is NOT a joke – there is no parking available to you. You’ve officially been warned!


1. Runyon Canyon – Danger Point
Watch Your Step!
This is a dangerous and scary section of the path if you aren’t ready for it. This section is steep, slippery and contains loose footings, rocks and snakes. If you choose to take this route – please be careful and wear proper shoes with a good sole – you have been warned.

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