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A Bird’s Eye View from Heaven

Los Angeles has Never Looked So Good!

Seeing Los Angeles from the top of Runyon Canyon is like looking at earth from space….it’s AMAZING. Nowhere in the city has a view quite like Runyon Canyon, you have to see it to believe it. Sun rise or sunset, Runyon Canyon is the best sightseeing in Los Angeles, once you’ve seen the city from Runyon Canyon you’ll never look at it the same again.

There are three major peaks in Runyon Canyon that offer the ultimate view of Los Angeles from a huge downtown skyline to the beautiful California beaches and beyond. You can see EVERYTHING in Los Angeles from the peaks of Runyon Canyon – Enjoy the View!

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The Sights of Runyon Canyon

Fan Submitted Photos

This is a beautiful collection of fan submitted Runyon Canyon photos from hikes to beautiful sunsets in the park. These sort of photos is what this site is all about – we love that the fans of Runyon Canyon are taking photos during their trips to the park and we love it even more that they’re sharing them with the other fans on the site.

Runyon Canyon Fan Photos

Runyon Canyon at Sunset

You may have hiked Runyon Canyon a million times; the sights from its’ peaks are forever engraved in your mind. Runyon Canyon is a different place and time during the sunset hours, when they called it “the magic hour” – they had Runyon Canyon in mind. These photos are from our last photo shoot for the Runyon Canyon website – as you can see, they came out amazingly! We are pleased to be able to share them with you today! Runyon Canyon is such a beautiful place with magic in the air all year round, it’s hard to capture it all in just one photo but that will never stop us from trying. Enjoy!

We would like to thank Shelly Chung-Watson for her efforts and assistance in making this photo shoot a success. Her work made these photos cross the threshold of photography into art!

The Runyon Canyon Sunset Shoot

We would love to see your photos of Runyon Canyon, please feel free to email them to us or register and post them in the community section of the website. We can’t wait to see what you have!

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Runyon Canyon Weather

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