Are 08 numbers free on landline?

Calls to numbers beginning 0800 and 0808 are free from all landlines and mobiles. Yep, free! However, numbers such as 0844, 0845, 0870 and 0871 are more costly to ring, whether you’re calling from a landline or mobile. Use the 03 number that many organisations offer instead of costly 08 numbers.

What is an 08 number in the UK?


Prefix Service type
08 Freephone (toll free) on 080 and Special Services (formerly known as local and national rate) on 084 and 087.
09 Premium Rate services (PRS).

What phone number starts with 08?

Area codes

Area code Region State or territory
03 South East Victoria, Tasmania
04 Mobile telephones Australia-wide
07 North East Queensland
08 Central and West Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory

Do mobile numbers start with 08?

08 – Service Numbers Numbers starting with 08 are primarily used by businesses and are charged at special rates. 0800 numbers and 0808 numbers are for freephone services. Calls to numbers beginning 084 and 087 attract a surcharge of up to 13p per minute or per call, to pay for the service being provided.

Is a 0300 number free?

These non-geographic numbers were introduced by Ofcom in 2007 across the UK. These numbers are usually reserved for non-profit organisations, charities and public support services. For this reason, 0300 numbers cost to call. They’re Not Free – 0300 numbers cost money to call and that’s the entire point.

What is a 0333 telephone number?

An 0333 number is a special phone number that cannot be associated with any geographical location. They are landline numbers and not mobile numbers. It is therefore not possible to identify the area that the landline associated with the number is in, unlike the usual ’01’ or ’02’ landline numbers.

How much does it cost to ring 0300 numbers?

It doesn’t cost you any more to call an 0300 number than an 01 or 02 number. Phone companies have to include calls to 0300 numbers in any deals, packages, or bundles that also include calls to local landline numbers.

What is the 08 code in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, 08 numbers are classified as ‘Non-geographic numbers’, as they are not linked to any particular location. A list of 08 codes . 0800 and 0808 numbers are used for freephone services in the United Kingdom.

How much does it cost to call 0870 number?

Calls to 0870 numbers, 0871 numbers and 0872 numbers are charged at higher rates than standard phone calls. The cost of calling includes a service charge of up to 13p per minute or per call which is used to fund the service provided, on top of a standard access charge made by the caller’s phone company. 089 – Network services and internal routing

Why do we use the 08 phone number?

They are commonly used for customer enquiry centres, helplines and chargeable information services. Organisations use 08 numbers because of features which include: Special charge rates – either free-to-call or income-generating Easy and flexible re-routeing of calls across multiple locations

Is it illegal to use 084 and 087 phone numbers?

It is illegal to use expensive phone numbers starting 084, 087 or 09 for most types of customer service enquiries and has been since new regulations were introduced during 2014 and 2015. Almost all helplines or customer service lines relating to an existing purchase or a current contract must be charged at standard rates.