Are Guild Starfire guitars good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Guild Still Best Hollow Body Electric. Excellent sound and fantastic price from Amazon. This was to replace a Starfire IV I had back in the 70s. Guild is still one of the best hollow body electrics ever made and the new V is beautiful.

Where are Guild Starfire guitars made?

Keep an eye on our blog or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear when things like this become a reality! Where are Guild Guitars made? Guild USA acoustic models, currently including the M, D, F, and F twelve-string body shapes, are proudly made in our Oxnard, California factory.

Who makes Guild guitars now?

Córdoba Music Group
Guild Guitar Company

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Oxnard, California , United States
Area served Worldwide
Products Acoustic & electric guitars Bass guitars
Parent Córdoba Music Group

Are guitars from Indonesia any good?

Indonesia and Mexico You’re sure to get a reliable, gig-worthy guitar by modern standards. It’s worth noting that it isn’t a case of Indonesia or Mexico having less able people working for the companies based in these countries – a lot of it comes down to the sheer quantity of guitars they make.

Is Guild owned by Fender?

In 2014, Guild is acquired from Fender Musical Instruments Corporation by Cordoba Music Group.

Is the Guild Starfire II St Dynasonic a good guitar?

With its lightweight, thin and mainly hollow design, the Starfire II ST Dynasonic sits nicely between a true hollowbody and a centre-blocked semi. The acoustic response is roomy and with a relatively slim depth’d, quite mass-market neck and tidy fretting from a generous size for the style, there’s nothing to worry about.

How big is a Guild Starfire III guitar?

What it certainly isn’t is a modern downsized thinline. It’s a 416mm (16.4-inch) wide single-cut with that thinline depth at the rim of 48mm. Guild groups it in its Semi-Hollow section, along with centreblocked guitars such as the Starfire V, whereas the III, with its dual top braces, is classed as a Hollowbody.

When did the Guild Starfire 2 come out?

The Starfire I, II and III models date back to 1960, renamed versions of the prior T-100 ‘Slim Jim’. The Starfire II with LB-1 mini-humbuckers joined the Newark St line-up in 2016 as the most affordable stripped-down model in the contemporary Semi-Hollow range.

What kind of guitar is Guild Newark St?

Guild’s Newark St range isn’t intended to slavishly reissue instruments from yesteryear, but glancing through the now expansive range of hollow, semi-hollow and solidbody electric guitar designs you find yourself in a near parallel universe.