Can a 14 year old take terbinafine?

It has been suggested by several authors that higher doses of terbinafine or longer treatment periods may be required for eradication of tinea capitis caused by Microsporum species. 1,9-11 In a study of 14 children (1-15 years of age) given standard doses of terbinafine for M.

How old do you have to be to take Lamisil?

Terbinafine oral granules are used to treat a fungal infection of scalp hair follicles in children who are at least 4 years old.

What is Lamisil 250 mg used for?

Terbinafine is used to treat certain types of fungal infections (for example, of the fingernail or toenail). It works by stopping the growth of fungus. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as antifungals.

Is Lamisil OK for kids?

Lamisil has been licensed for 6 years for use in adults and has revolutionised the treatment of onycho-mycosis. Its tolerability and efficacy have been excellent, with extremely few serious side-effects. In most countries, Lamisil has not been licensed for use in children.

Is oral Lamisil safe for children?

Terbinafine has been shown to be effective and safe in several studies of the treatment of tinea capitis and onychomycosis in children. When treating Trichophyton tinea capitis the length of therapy may be 2 or 4 weeks.

Is Lamisil safe for children?

Griseofulvin (Grifulvin) and terbinafine (Lamisil; approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in children two years and older) are effective therapies in the treatment of tinea capitis.

How quickly does Lamisil work?

It may take several weeks after treatment for the infection to completely heal. Inform your doctor if your condition worsens or does not improve within 2 weeks for jock itch and ringworm and within 4 weeks for athlete’s foot.

How do you give terbinafine to a child?

The dose is usually 187.5 mg once a day for 6 weeks. Children 4 years of age and older and weighing less than 25 kg—Dose is based on body weight and must be determined by your doctor. The dose is usually 125 mg once a day for 6 weeks. Children younger than 4 years of age—Use and dose must be determined by the doctor.

Can terbinafine be used on children?

3. Who can and cannot take terbinafine. Tablets, cream and gel can be prescribed for adults and children aged 1 year and over.

Which antifungal drug is suitable for pediatric use?

Terbinafine is effective for children with tinea capitis caused byTrichophyton spp[40-44], but may be associated with treatment failures in children’s Microsporum infections. One study concluded that terbinafine may be the drug of choice for superficial fungal infections in children.

What happens if Lamisil doesn’t work?

What if it does not work? If taking terbinafine is not working to clear an infection, your doctor may ask you to take it for longer or they may prescribe a different antifungal medicine. If your symptoms get worse at any time, speak to your doctor.

Are there any indication specific dosing for Lamisil?

Indication-specific dosing for Lamisil AT topical (terbinafine topical), frequency-based adverse effects, comprehensive interactions, contraindications, pregnancy & lactation schedules, and cost information. A: Generally acceptable. Controlled studies in pregnant women show no evidence of fetal risk. B: May be acceptable.

How often should I take Lamisil for tinea versicolor?

A dose of 250 mg PO once daily is recommended. Treatment should continue for 6 weeks. 250 mg PO once daily. Treatment should continue for 6 weeks. 187.5 mg PO once daily for 6 weeks. 125 mg PO once daily for 6 weeks. For the treatment of tinea versicolor due to Malassezia furfur. Apply to affected areas and surrounding skin once daily for 1 week.

How often to take Lamisil for toe fungus?

Toenail onychomycosis: One 250 mg tablet once daily for 12 weeks. The optimal clinical effect is seen some months after mycological cure and cessation of treatment. This is related to the period required for outgrowth of healthy nail. How to get rid of nail fungus?

How long does it take for Lamisil to clear up?

250 mg (1 tablet) PO daily for 6 weeks (fingernail) or 12 weeks (toenail) Hepatic impairment: Use contraindicated in chronic or active liver disease 500 mg/day PO q12hr for 2-6 weeks; treat for additional 2-4 weeks after resolution of all lesions (resolution may take 3-6 months)