Can civilians live on Fort Jackson?

Welcome to Fort Jackson Family Homes! We also have select homes available to rent to qualified military retiree, DOD civilian employee and general public applicants.

Can you be stationed at Fort Jackson?

Fort Jackson, South Carolina is home to the Army’s main center for basic training. However, the high pace operational tempo of many of the billets that service members hold while stationed at Fort Jackson can make planning regular family outings and date nights difficult.

What is the BAH for Fort Jackson SC?

MHA: SC260 – Military Housing Area Name: COLUMBIA/FORT JACKSON, SC

Grade With Dependents Without Dependents
E06 $1,566 $1,449
E07 $1,635 $1,491
E08 $1,719 $1,545
E09 $1,836 $1,551

What kind of base is Fort Jackson South Carolina?

U.S. Army Training Center
Fort Jackson, adjacent to Columbia, S.C. is a 53,000 acre U.S. Army Training Center. Named for President Andrew Jackson– a South Carolina native — it was originally established in 1917 when it trained men of the 30th and 81st Infantry Divisions.

What city is closest to Fort Jackson SC?

Fort Jackson is located in northeastern Columbia, near where I-77 intersects with I-20. Columbia is a small to medium-size city that provides most amenities military families are looking for, including an affordable cost of living. The cities of Lugoff, Hopkins, Elgin and Irmo, SC are located nearby.

How far is Fort Jackson from Columbia airport?

19 miles
How far is it from Columbia Airport (CAE) to Fort Jackson? It is 19 miles from Columbia Airport (CAE) to Fort Jackson. It is approximately 23.6 miles to drive.

Is Fort Jackson a good duty station?

AREA ATTRACTIONS There is an abundance of family events both on and off post to fit your family’s needs. Fort Jackson itself is a great duty station, and Columbia is quiet yet eventful.

How far is Myrtle Beach from Fort Jackson?

114 miles
The distance between Myrtle Beach and Fort Jackson is 114 miles. The road distance is 131.2 miles.

What airport do you fly into for Fort Jackson South Carolina?

Columbia Metropolitan Airport
Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) is the closest airport to Fort Jackson (approximately 20 miles from the Army Base). Visitors can also fly in to Charlotte International Airport and drive South to Columbia. (Approximately 90 miles from Fort Jackson).

Which airport is closest to Fort Jackson?

Where to find housing in Fort Jackson SC?

Fort Jackson, SC Housing and Relocation Information. Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) gives active service members two options for housing; living on post or finding a home off-post within the community. The Housing Services Office (803) 751-5788 assists with finding housing in the local community.

Where is Fort Jackson located in South Carolina?

It is home to the 165th, 171st, and 193rd Infantry Brigades. Fort Jackson remains the most active and largest training facility in the United States Army. The fort is home to more than 50 ranges and field training sites and covers over 50,000 acres. It is located near Columbia, South Carolina.

Can a single soldier live off-post at Fort Jackson?

Pets and/or household goods are not considered justifications to reside off-post. The GC, or his designee, is the only person who may authorize single Soldiers to live off post and receive BAH at the w/o rate. The approval/disapproval from the GC will be returned through the chain of command.

How big are the houses in Fort Jackson?

Fort Jackson Family homes offer many different styles of homes in varying floor plans across 8 unique neighborhoods. Click here to browse the available floor plans and find the best for you. Homes range from 2-5 bedrooms, and common single-family, townhome, and duplex styles.