Can I use a Black and Decker 40V battery in a 20v tool?

Two 40v batteries in parallel does NOT give you 20v. You can generally use a higher capacity battery (that is one with more amp hours and thus run time) but the battery itself has to be 20 volts. Higher voltages will destroy the tool.

Are Black and Decker 40V batteries interchangeable?

Yes, all of our 40V BLACK+DECKER batteries and chargers are interchangeable within our 40V BLACK+DECKER product line.

Does Black & Decker make a 40 volt drill?

40V MAX*: The Power You Need Without the Hassleā„¢ Great for jobs large and small, the 40V MAX* system isn’t just powerful, it’s convenient. No gas.

How long does it take to charge a Black and Decker 40V battery?

The BLACK+DECKER LCS40 MAX Fast Charger, 40-volt is designed to charges BLACK+DECKER 36v or 40v Max batteries in under 2 hours. This unit charges LBX36 in 1 hour, LBXR36 in 1.5 Hours, and LBXR2036 in 2 hours. The charge indication light lets you know when your battery is charged!

How long does 40V battery last?

Yes, that’s correct. The battery can last up to three years. The lifespan of a battery is determined by the charging and discharging cycles.

Are 40V batteries interchangeable between brands?

Yes. The Black & Decker website clearly states that all their 40V MAX products are fully compatible with the 36V lithium ion system. Additionally, all the product numbers end in 36, even for the battery and charger. That indicates that even the chargers are interchangeable.

How do I know if my Black and Decker battery is bad?

Fast Blinks The other blink pattern on a Black and Decker charger is a series of rapid, short blinks. In this case, the light indicates a bad battery. When your power source is damaged, or too weak, it will trip this reaction in your charger. Resultantly, you should remove it immediately and stop trying to charge it.

What happened to Black and Decker?

On March 12, 2010, Black & Decker merged with Stanley Works to become Stanley Black & Decker. It remains as a wholly owned subsidiary of that company.

Can you overcharge a Black and Decker battery?

Black & Decker says that these batteries can be left on their chargers indefinitely without overcharging.

How do you tell if Ryobi 40V battery is bad?

The best way to test which is the faulty part, is to take your battery down to your local store that sells Ryobi 40V tools and try it on one of their chargers. If the same fault occurs then you have a faulty battery, if the problem does not happen on a different charger then it is likely a faulty battery charger.