Can undead use the light?

Basically any undead can use the light but it requires imense disciple because using the light actually hurts them a lot. Four horseman is likely an exception to the rule purely because they have been so devoted to the light that it never left them to begin with.

Who is the most powerful priest in WOW?

View Poll Results: Who is the most powerful alive Priest of them all?

  • Anduin Wrynn, Prince of Stormwind. 11 3.54%
  • Archbishop Benedictus, Leader of the Church of the Holy Light. 7 2.25%
  • Velen, Leader of the Draenei. 204 65.59%
  • Vol’jin, Leader of the Darkspear tribe. 26 8.36%
  • Tyrande Whisperwind, High priestess of Elune.

What are Draenei priests called?

Draenei priests The Legion’s leaders, the eredar, sought to destroy the draenei as they viewed them as traitors, and the naaru are eternal enemies of the Legion.

Can orcs be priests?

goblins can be priests, so can tauren, trolls, even undead. but orcs can’t. is there a lore reason behind that?

Can forsaken be priests?

Forsaken of any class might emulate the values of the Forgotten Shadow, but devoted church members are usually priests. Priests of the Holy Light who become Forsaken alter their beliefs to more adequately reflect their new existences.

Who is the strongest old God?

The greatest of these structures was built around Y’Shaarj, the most powerful of the Old Gods, and the holdings of the Old Ones would soon spread over Azeroth, eventually forming the Black Empire.

Can a Blood Elf be a priest?

Blood Elf Priests Blood Elves followed the Holy Light when they were High Elves, however their faith wavered and they became dependent upon the Sunwell for the source of their divine magic. Eventually, the Sunwell was restored and Blood Elf priests now power their abilities through that once again.

Can a undead priest be a holy priest?

Asana-moon-guard (Asana) 3 June 2019 19:43 #2. It’s not impossible. Undead can be holy priests. The Light is powered by faith, not the circumstances of your body. Forsaken priests can use it without dying, but it is known to be painful and requires a strong willpower to endure.

Are there undead holy priests in netherlight temple?

There are Holy Undead Priests in the Netherlight Temple. One of them I believe is an ArchBishop. The Forsaken have no particular vulnerability to holy magic. They take the exact same damage a human would if they’re hit with Smite. They can be healed with holy magic the same way the living can.

Which is the best priest in World of Warcraft?

Shadow priests have the most crowd control abilities, with [Silence] and [Mind Flay] providing a 50% snare Priests can also offer sustainable crowd control on undead targets with [Shackle Undead], while Holy priests can disorientate and interrupt opponents with [Holy Word: Chastise].

Can a holy priest use the Forsaken light?

Forsaken priests can use it without dying, but it is known to be painful and requires a strong willpower to endure. For example, Alonsus Faol is a major forsaken holy priest and he gets on just fine. Though he’s not part of the Horde. Despite being undead he’s still largely who he was in life and uses the Light to help others.