Can you have open fires in Utah?

Stage 1 Restrictions: No open fires of any kind except within established public facilities in improved campgrounds, picnic areas. Stage 2 Restrictions: NO OPEN FIRES OF ANY KIND — even within an established fire pit. Devices using pellets, compressed or liquid or gas (grills, stoves, lanterns, heaters, etc.)

Can I burn in Utah today?

Salt Lake County prohibits burning solid fuel in fireplaces or wood burning stoves and bans outdoor fires (including bonfires, patio pits and charcoal grill fires) on days that the State of Utah designates as either mandatory or voluntary air action (no burn) days.

What is an Open fire Utah?

Residential open burning is the burning of clean yard waste, grass clippings, weeds, tree trimmings, etc. Salt Lake County: Residential open burning is not allowed. Utah County: Allowed by permit during open burn periods – See additional information at the bottom of the page.

When can I burn in Utah?

Current Burn Status While these noburn days are typically called during the winter inversion season of November 1st to March 1st, they may be called anytime throughout the year. State regulations prohibit residents from burning wood or coal on no burn days.

Are fires banned?

Bonfires and barbecues are not banned by the Clean Air Act, but if you create a lot of smoke you may be causing a statutory nuisance. Burning garden waste on a bonfire is unnecessary and unpleasant for your neighbours.

Can I have a fire in Big Cottonwood Canyon?

No fires permitted within one half mile of any road in Mill Creek Canyon, Big Cottonwood Canyon, or Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Can you use a fire pit in Utah?

Campfires of any kind, including portable fire pits, are not allowed on any of the WMAs. As always, fireworks and explosives are not allowed on Utah’s WMAs.

Can you burn wood in Utah?

Unrestricted Action: Wood, pellet and coal burning stoves and fireplaces may be used but please use them in a proper manner to reduce smoke emissions. Mandatory Action: Wood, pellet and coal burning stoves or fireplaces are prohibited.

Are open fires going to be banned?

Yes – Open fires and fireplaces will no longer be able to be sold as solid fuel heating appliances after 2022.

Are open fires bad for you?

Sitting beside an open fire at home can expose people to more air pollution than travelling to work along busy roads, a new study suggests. Air pollution particles from fires can find their way into the lungs and then the bloodstream and can negatively impact cognitive health.