Can you listen to police radios NZ?

It is legal to listen in to police radio communications, but it is illegal to act upon information heard.

Do police scanners still work NZ?

“While it’s not illegal to listen to police radio through a scanner, it is illegal to act [and] reproducing names, addresses and post registration numbers of vehicles breaches privacy, which is an offence.”

What frequency is radio Sport NZ?

Radio Sport Listen Live – 89.8-107.7 MHz FM, Auckland, New Zealand | Online Radio Box. Have a free moment?

What radio frequency does NZ police use?

Police operate a P25 trunked digital radio system in the ESB (VHF 138-144 MHz) and ESC (UHF 494-502 MHz) bands.

What is the police channel for scanners?

Police scanners allow you to pick up radio frequencies & listen to communication on those frequencies much like an FM radio allows you to listen to different channels by changing the dial from 93.7FM to 102.5FM.

What radio frequency is the rugby on?

This new function developed from the decision, in 1951, to use the station to transmit modulated standard frequencies for scientific reference purposes. In 1972 these transmissions were consolidated onto the present frequency of 60 kHz and a further reference, that of a time signal, was added.

Are there any scanner frequencies in New Zealand?

Scanning in New Zealand. National Data Radio codes, Frequencies are all out there to be found. With the introduction of Digital over Analogue Most older receivers are going to come up lacking since the switch to Digital is appealing for most businesses.

What are the radio frequencies in Palmerston North?

I have a good list of frequencies for the boys in blue for the Palmerston North, Feilding, Foxton area but I’m looking for a strong frequency for the Woodville/Pahiatua area. I’ve tried 485

Which is the best band for scanner frequencies?

Back to Scanner Frequencies Auckland A Band AB Band Aircraft Ambulance C Band D Band E Band EE Band ESA Band ESB Band F Band Fire I Band K Band KK Band L Band

Where can I find the Bay of Plenty scanner frequencies?

TV Sound Bay Of Plenty Aircraft Ambulance Fire Police Callsigns Police PRS Utility Canterbury A Band Aircraft Ambulance C Band E Band EE Band ESA Band ESB Band F Band Fire I Band J Band MS Band Police Callsigns Police PRS RRD Gisborne Aircraft Ambulance Fire Police Callsigns Police Hawkes Bay Aircraft Ambulance Fire Police-Callsigns Police