Can you play SimCity 2013 offline?

From today, just over a year after it launched, SimCity will be playable offline. EA has shut the controversial game’s servers off in order to deploy the long-awaited update 10. When it’s live, you’ll be able to play SimCity without an active internet connection.

Is SimCity offline?

SimCity now allows users to create and store their cities offline. This is called the Single-Player mode.

Can you play SimCity without origin?

According to an FAQ, gamers still need an Origin account to download and launch SimCity. Once Update 10 is installed, players can put Origin into Offline Mode when playing Single-Player Mode. The Global Market will be available in Single-Player Mode, but prices will be fixed.”

Is SimCity PC free?

The city-building game is currently available completely free of charge through EA’s Origin digital store, thought it’s not clear how long the deal will be on, so you’ll probably want to grab it soon. The PC game originally launched back in 1993 to much acclaim, and will normally set you back $5.99.

Is SimCity cities of tomorrow offline?

Future tech, but no offline mode. Maxis has announced the first major expansion to SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow. The expansion, due out on 15th November for PC and Mac, is set 50 years in the future and features new technologies, new urban planning techniques – but no offline mode.

Is there offline mode for SimCity on origin?

A: No. If you do not have an active internet connection, you can put Origin in the offline Mode and play SimCity offline in the Single-Player Mode. Q: What features are available in Single-Player Mode?

When does the new update for SimCity come out?

A: The Single-Player Mode will be included as part of Update 10 at no additional cost. This will be available to all current and future players on PC and Mac starting March 18, 2014. Q: Will I still require an Internet connection to play? A: An Internet connection is required to download Update 10 when it becomes available on March 18, 2014.

How to disable autosave in SimCity offline mode?

Your region is also automatically saved if you quit your region or switch to another city in the region. To disable Autosave, go to the Options menu > Settings > Gameplay tab and uncheck “Enable Autosave in Single-Player Mode”. Disabling Autosave will allow you to save at points you want to save at.

Is there a single player mode for SimCity?

A: The new Single-Player Mode allows you to play SimCity anytime, anywhere, without the need of an active Internet connection. For the full details please read our blog post here. Q: How do I download the Single-Player Mode for SimCity?