Did Stant go out of business?

Tomkins plc has sold Stant Corp. to H.I.G. Capital, LLC, a U.S.-based private equity group. The business is headquartered in Connersville, Ind. LONDON — Tomkins plc has sold Stant Corp. to H.I.G.

Where are Stant products made?

the USA
82% of the thermostats Stant sells are made in the USA. 88% of the fuel caps Stant sells are made in the USA. Stant offers fuel caps for 99% of the vehicles on the road in the US. Unlike other aftermarket fuel caps, Stant fuel caps include all the safety features that you will find on an original equipment cap.

Does Stant still make thermostats?

The Stant SuperStat® thermostat is also thicker than most competitor thermostats and our standard reverse poppet thermostat for added strength and longer life. Upgrades over OE equivalent thermostats offer more efficient temperature control resulting in faster warm-ups, better fuel economy, and longer engine life.

Are MotoRad and Stant the same company?

MotoRad (Stant was acquired by MotoRad) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced engine and thermal management solutions for automotive OEM and Aftermarket industries.

Is Stant a good brand?

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid Brand; Solid construction. Super Stant has a reputation for prolonged service life and does not ‘fail open’ like most of the cheaper alternatives, known to do so within a few weeks to months. The materials are sturdy; the crimping and assembly are well done.

What does Stant mean?

noun A contracted form of standeth , third person singular present indicative of stand.

Are Stant thermostats any good?

Conclusion. The Stant SuperStat Thermostat is a definite recommendation for buyers who are looking for a cost-effective thermostat. It is efficient, durable, and long-lasting.

Are Stant thermostats good?

Who makes the best automotive thermostat?

Stant is the best aftermarket car thermostat. Car Thermostats are used to produce heat. In the same way as in the case of modern engines, they are used to regulate engine temperature by maintaining a constant degree or varying it over a specific range.

What are the products of the Stant company?

Stant offers a variety of consumer products with extensive vehicle coverage. Stant product lines include thermostats with gaskets and seals; radiator and reservoir bottle caps; OE style and locking fuel caps; oil filler pipe caps; pressure testers and adapters; and fuel cap testers and adapters.

What kind of customer support does Stant offer?

To satisfy our customer’s expectations for zero defects, 100% on-time delivery, system support, and low cost solutions, Stant has expanded its operational presence and developed a global customer support strategy.

What kind of fuel cap does Stant use?

Stant has had a very successful history in fuel cap innovation and development. This has led to development of fuel caps that enable vehicles to LEV I, LEV II, PZEV, LEVIII, OBD II and FMVSS 301 requirements. Ergonomic handle and quick-on-style attachment for ease of use to reduce operator and OBD II issues

Where can I buy Stant T-shirts online?

Visit the online Stant Company Store, where Stant logo-wear and other Stant items are available for purchase. The store has more than 50 different options, including many color and logo choices. Check back frequently, as new items will be added periodically. We’re not around but we still want to hear from you!