How can I learn Mizo language?


  1. Cheraw : Traditional dance of the Mizos.
  2. GREETINGS. Hello : Chibai.
  3. Have a nice day : Ni hman nuam le. Goodbye : Mangṭha.
  4. Goodnight : Muttui.
  5. We welcome you to Mizoram : Mizoram-ah kan lo lâwm a che.
  6. See you! : Dam takin le!
  7. What happen? : Engnge thleng a?
  8. What is this? : Hei hi engnge ni?

What language is spoken in Mizo?


Capital Aizawl
Official Language Mizo, English
Other Languages/Dialects The main dialects of Mizoram are – Aso, Chho, Halam, ‘Hinar’, Lai, Lusei, Mara, Miu – Khumi, Paite and Thado – Kuki.
Forest Cover India State of Forest Report 2017
Seats in Legislative Assembly 40 Click to see List

Is Mizo language easy to learn?

Beside this, Mizo also heavily utilise nasal tones. A person with a thick Hindustani accent might find this quite hard. But if you are really interested in the language, it is not impossible to learn the language and even master it.

How many letters are in Mizo?

Mizo alphabet is commonly known as ‘A, Aw, B’. In Mizo alphabet there are combination of two letters i.e ‘Aw’, ‘Ch’ and ‘Ng’. ‘Aw’ is spelled or pronounced as in English letter ‘O’, for example Mizoram state capital is Aizawl, so if you want pronounced correctly it may sound like ‘Aizol’.

How do you say I like you in Mizo?

Min hmangaih em? Yes, I love you. Aw, ka hmangaih che.

How do you say hello in Mizo language?

Chibai or Ekhai are the words used to say hello or hi in Mizo which is mainly spoken in Mizoram and Chibai is also a way to greet people in Mizo.

What is I love you in Mizo?

How do you say love in Manipuri?

In Meitei language I love you can be said as eina nang nungshi or ei nangbu pami. In Bishnupriya language I love you means mi tore hoba paui or mi tore bana pauri or mi tore hada pauri.

What is Mizo?

The Mizo people (Mizo: Mizo hnam) are an ethnic group native to north-eastern India. The Mizos are indigenous people in the Indian state of Mizoram and its neighboring areas. All Mizo tribes and clans claim in their folk legends that Sinlung (alternatively called Chhinlung or Khul) was the cradle of the Mizos.

What is I love you in Khasi?

English: I love you. Khasi: Nga ieit ia phi.

Will U Marry Me in Manipuri?

Yes, I will marry you. Hoi, ei nangga luhonggani. I want to marry you. Ei nangga luhongba paammi.

What was the most common language of the Mizo people?

The numerous clans of the Mizo had respective dialects, amongst which the Lusei dialect was the most common, and evolved with significant influenced from Hmar, Lai and Paite, etc. to become the Mizo language and the lingua franca of the Mizo peoples due to its extensive and exclusive use by the Christian missionaries .

Is there a free English to Mizo translation?

Mizo has a thriving literature with a Mizo department in Mizoram University. For blogs and small, personal sites, we offer simple, free website translator tools and WordPress plugins you can self-install on your page template for fast, easy translation into dozens of major languages.

How are verbs conjugated in the Mizo language?

But this form is used only in particular situations. The verbs (called thiltih in Mizo) are not conjugated as in languages such as English and French by changing the desinence of words, but the tense (in a sentence) is clarified by the aspect and the addition of some particles, such as

Where do the glottalised consonants appear in a Mizo language?

The glottal and glottalised consonants appear only in final position. As Mizo is a tonal language, differences in pitch and pitch contour can change the meanings of words. Tone systems have developed independently in many daughter languages, largely by simplifications in the set of possible syllable-final and syllable-initial consonants.