How can I order custom portable USB chargers?

The Custom Basecamp™ Explorer Power Bank Flashlight is a lifesaver during a power outage. Not only is it a flashlight, but the 5V USB power bank on the bottom also keeps electronic devices charged. How Can I Order Custom Portable Chargers?

Is there such a thing as a custom charger?

Short answer: no. Long answer: a custom portable charger is a type of a power bank, so the terms are often used interchangeably. You’ll find that different cultures use one term over the other—in China, they’re called power banks, and in the United States, portable chargers more often than not.

How are portable phone chargers used in marketing?

Custom portable phone chargers are a smart marketing approach. Here’s how you can use them to enrich your advertising approach: Portable chargers aren’t cheap! Our high capacity and fast charging portable powerstations will engage your audience and make them feel appreciated.

What are the different types of phone chargers?

– Power banks with rechargeable lithium batteries to give phones a backup charge. – USB car chargers and adapters that allow you to recharge on the go. – Wireless chargers that allow you to recharge phones or tablets, and much more! Custom portable phone chargers are a smart marketing approach.

Is the promotional USB charger a strong statement?

The Promotional USB Charger. Strong statement? Sure. One we’re prepared to defend? You know it. First, let us state that the use of cellphones and electronic devices is so popular that it’s rare to find a person who doesn’t use one.

Can a USB charger be used with an AC adapter?

You’ll find many promotional USB chargers with AC adapters when navigating through our offerings. Such items will include the USB cables users need to charge their devices along with an AC adapter they can place into a wall outlet to get the power flowing. Picture a standard cell phone charger setup and you have the basic idea.