How do I apply for Bank of America Charitable Foundation?

How do I apply for a grant from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation? Organizations can apply online at by selecting Apply for a Grant.

Does Bank of America donations to nonprofits?

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund has been helping donors like you give money to favorite charities in an organized, tax-efficient and worry-free way since 1955. You can depend on us to help you realize your philanthropic goals while you support important causes through the donation of a wide range of assets.

How much does the Bank of America Charitable Foundation match up to in charitable donations per employee per calendar year?

Bank of America matches donations to most 501(c)(3) organizations up to $5,000 annually per employee. The company also provides grants when retirees and employees volunteer. They’ll match donations anywhere from $25 to $5,000 at a 1:1 ratio, allowing employees to double their contributions to eligible nonprofits.

How much does Bank of America give to charity?

Annually, the Bank of America Charitable Foundation provides more than $25 million in matching gifts on behalf of employee donations….Newsroom.

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Do banks Do grants?

There is a limited number of grants available. Loans, on the other hand, can be given by banks, private lenders, or individuals. This creates more opportunities to obtain the financing you need. More financing available: Grants are also limited in the amount of financing they can provide.

Does Bank of America give grants?

Visit the Bank of America Down Payment Center to search for programs you may be eligible for, including the America’s Home Grant and Down Payment Grant programs (available in select markets) plus other programs offered by state and local agencies, nonprofits, and employers.

What non profits does Bank of America support?

The local organizations that benefited are the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coachella Valley, Coachella Valley Workforce Excellence Inc., Cove Communities Senior Association, DAP Health, Desert Arc, FIND Food Bank, Galilee Center, John F. Kennedy Memorial Foundation and the Mizell Center.

How Does Bank of America give back to the community?

Each year, our employees volunteer 2 million hours to strengthen communities and provide generous financial donations to more than 25,000 nonprofits around the world. Annually, their giving directs more than $60 million in total to communities via individual giving and the bank’s matching gifts program.

What is a Charitable Gift Fund?

A Charitable Gift Fund (CGF) is a great way to manage donations to your favorite causes while optimizing your tax advantages. Also known as a “Donor Advised Fund”, the account is managed by a public charity, but the donor can specify how gifts will be distributed.

Why is Bank of America a good sponsor?

We have strong partnerships with nonprofit organizations across the country that are working to advance economic mobility and social progress in low- and moderate-income communities. We provide an extensive program of arts and sports sponsorships to help maintain vibrant, healthy communities.

How to apply for Bank of America Charitable Foundation?

The philanthropic funds will be delivered through our standard application and grant requests addressing coronavirus related needs, economic mobility, and in support of people and communities of color may be submitted via our website at:

What does Bank of America private foundation do?

At Bank of America Private Bank, we’re committed to helping you achieve your personal vision through your private foundation. When you work with Foundation Advisory Services, your philanthropy is supported by a broad range of customized solutions to help transform your charitable goals into meaningful action.

What is the Bank of America charitable gift fund?

The Bank of America Charitable Gift Fundis a donor-advised fund that offers a flexible and convenient way to help advance the causes you support. What is a donor-advised fund? A donor-advised fund is a charitable account that helps you organize your giving.

What does a Bank of America donor advised fund do?

A donor-advised fund is a charitable account that helps you organize your giving. It’s easy to open and is a cost-effective alternative to a private foundationThe Bank of America Establishing a private foundation. You can recommend grants to charities and your fund will be invested with the potential to grow over time.