How do I register my Global Cash Card?

Activating the Global Cash Card Paycard Call 1-866-929-8096 or go to to activate your “instant issue” paycard and follow the voice-prompts. During activation, select a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

How do I activate my Global Cash Card online?

Go to the Global Cash Card website at: Go to the Cardholder Service Center enter the card number under “Activate My Card” and press Go. Verify your personal information and select your Login ID and Password.

How do I check my Global Cash Card balance online?

You can check your balance online at . You can sign up for text or email alerts to check your balance and view recent activity. You can also call GCC Customer Service, 1-888-220-4477 for fee- free balance inquiries.

How do I access my Global Cash Card account?

Cardholders have access to their Global Cash Card account online. Once your account has been set up you can log in anytime at using the username and password that you created during the account set up.

Where can I withdraw money from my Global Cash Card for free?

You can withdraw money from any Allpoint (MC/Visa) or MoneyPass (Visa) Network ATM surcharge-free. After the first transaction for that pay period, there is a charge of $1.75 for each additional cash withdrawal.

How do I activate my paycard?

activate your card Call 1‐888‐913‐0900 and follow the prompt to log into your paycard account. 2. Enter your card number and your account access code. Your initial account access code is the last 4 digits of your social security number.

How do I know if my Global Cash Card is activated?

Contact a customer service representative at 1 (866) 929-8096 and they will be able to activate your new card and just minutes. Once your personalized cash card has been activated, you will have access to your paycheck immediately once your employer releases the funds.

What time does Global Cash Card Deposit?

If you choose to deposit cash or transfer money through MoneyGram, Western Union, or the Ingo Money app, it will generally be credited to your Global Cash Card within 24 business hours. To receive your money as soon as possible, Global Cash Card recommends making your transfers during the workweek.

What bank is associated with Global Cash Card?

Global Cash Card MasterCard Prepaid Card is issued by B of I Federal Bank or MetaBank pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated.

Is there an app for the Global Cash Card?

Global Cash Card Cardholder Resources – RockStaffing Cardholders simply log on to their account from a mobile device and are automatically directed to the mobile-friendly site to: View Balances; View Transaction …

Can I transfer money from global cash card to my bank account?

Money Transfer to a Bank Account You can transfer part of the money or even all funds from a Global Cash Card to an existing bank account. Only the first transaction for the pay period is free; for each subsequent transaction, the fee is $1.00 per transaction.

How do I check the balance on my Global Cash Card?

To check your balance, you can go to the Financial Management Portal where you will be asked to provide Nakumatt Global login ID details. You can also view your card statements and transfer cash to different multicurrency wallets. Apart from just access, you can also download your statements form the portal.

How do I Activate my Global Cash Card online?

How to Activate Global Cash Card. To activate Global Cash Card, simply follow the steps below: Open your browser and visit the following link: Click “Register Here” at the top, right corner of the page. Next, click “Sign Up Now”. Select whether you have a Global Cash Card.

What are global card services?

Global Card Services, Inc. provides solutions for merchant accepting credit cards. The company’s online product suite offers merchants products designed to work with advanced payment processing gateways, automated retrieval and chargeback systems, and a centralized customer information repository.