How do you calculate backfill with compaction?

For example, find the cubic footage volume of a backfill area that is 8 feet wide, 6 feet deep and 50 feet long. The volume of a rectangular cubed shape is found by the formula v = l x w x d, where v represents volume, l is the length of the trench, w is the width and d is the depth.

How do you write a method statement for excavation?

What is the method statement for excavation (Open-cut excavation up to formation level)?

  1. Take level and benchmarks.
  2. Clearing of area prior to excavation.
  3. Excavation of the area.
  4. Survey monitoring of the formation level.
  5. Hauling of the excavated materials.
  6. Finalization of the formation level.

Does backfill need to be compacted?

Backfilling in layers is one of the most important steps to remember. It is important to do it in intervals to let the soil properly compact. These layers are referred to as “lifts.” The amount of inches filled per lift depends on the requirements of the project (soil or the type of structure being backfilled).

How do you calculate compaction?

3.7 Calculate percent relative compaction by dividing the dry density of the material from the test site by that material’s moisture density relation curve’s maximum dry density, and multiply by 100%.

How is compaction ratio calculated?

Divide the volume of the loose trash by the volume of the compacted trash to achieve the compaction ratio. As an example, 16 cubic feet of loose trash compacted into a 4 cubic feet volume would have a ratio of four, or four to one.

What is a method statement format?

A method statement is a type of health and safety document that people usually use for high-risk work. It describes the steps (method) that workers must take to carry out a particular job safely. A comprehensive method statement will present your company as committed to safety and able to offer a high-quality service.

What is the formula of relative compaction?

What is the method statement for backfilling and compaction?

This method statement for backfilling and compaction-earthwork illustrates the procedures intended to adopt for all structures and trenches associated with this contract package. Backfilling and compaction of irrigation and plantation system, roadworks and backfilling work with concrete are not considered in the document. 2. Definitions

What is the safe work method for back filling?

Safe work method statement for back filling of the excavation area is provided in steps as below. Ensure all clearances from the concerned Government Department obtained. Selected working area should be barricaded to avoid accidents. Ensure suitable access / safe ramps provided for safety of all site personnel’s proper safety PPE to be followed.

What’s the best way to compact the ground for backfilling?

When the desired bottom elevation is reached, level and compact the ground by using an appropriate machine such as roller, jumper or plate compactors up to the required density to confirm with the Project Specification requirement. Remove and replace with compacted suitable fill, any sort of contaminated soil, if any, found at excavation bottom.

Which is the correct angle for excavation compaction?

Suitable and appropriate excavator and compacting equipment shall be used to carry out the works. The entire excavation slope shall be as per project specification of excavation specification. Angle =45° is applied to major soil strata found in the Plant site.