How do you find the key in Virtual Villagers 3?


  1. By now, you probably noticed a bright pink gem that is on the top right side of the screen, on the cliff over the Orchard.
  2. Have a villager drink the potion.
  3. Drag the villager to just below the cliff with the key.
  4. The villager will jump up, grab the key and take it to the door.

How do you get the pink diamond in vv3?

Make the potion and make a Villager drink it (not a nursing mom). Drop him/her on the Pink Diamond (that is located at the right of the lift). He/she will jump to take it. After, he/she takes the diamond and puts it in the door.

How do you pick up the diamonds in Virtual Villagers 3?

To take the diamond, drop some Adult Villagers on the rightmost of the two waterfalls (they go to drink there). They will take some water and drop it on the diamond. After that, you can take the diamond.

How do you get the pearls in vv3?

Puzzle 15 – The Clam Key

  1. You cannot do this puzzle unless you’ve solved the statue puzzle first.
  2. As soon as the statue is finished you will be able to see a white pearl appear.
  3. Drop a Master Builder over the pearl and they will take it to the waterfall, the pearl will turn blue.

Did village life get deleted?

Playdemic has just announced that they’ll be shutting down Village Life. This game meant alot to me. I found it on the app store about few years ago.

Where to find the key in Virtual Villagers 3?

Make the potion and have villager (other than a nursing mom) drink it. That villager should feel “light and springy!”. Drop them near the pink diamond (the hanging thing) just above the Rose plant – their status line should read “trying to reach the key”. They will jump up, collect the key, and place it in the door.

How to solve puzzle 14 in Virtual Villagers 3?

When the villagers no longer bring water to the fire (they’ll revert to drinking from the waterfall when you drop them on it), drop a villager on the key – they will take it to the door and solve the puzzle. You will need to repeat this step if they drop the key before reaching the door. -=Puzzle 14=- The Hanging Key.

Where do you Drop builders in Virtual Villagers 3?

Drop your builder on the “chalkboard” in the alchemy lab (he/she will “see” it if you fly them over the lab) – he/she will create the the plans for the bath. Drop your builders on the bath to complete the project. -=Puzzle 9=- The Statue.

Where can I get unlock code for Virtual Villagers?

For an unlock code, you can only obtain a legitimate one from the company/website you bought or downloaded it from. Borrowing someone’s else’s unlock code probably won’t work as there is a specific unlock code generated per download/purchase.