How do you pronounce Mo Cuishle?

2. A chuisle mo chroí (Mu Kooish-la mu kree) or Mo chuisle (Mu Kooish-la)

What is the Gaelic word in Million Dollar Baby?

Mo Cuishle
BEFORE the bell has sounded at the start of her first title fight in Clint Eastwood’s Oscar-nominated film “Million Dollar Baby,” the scrappy, big-hearted boxer Maggie Fitzgerald, played by Hilary Swank, finds herself cheered into the ring by shouts of “Mo Cuishle,” the Irish Gaelic moniker she’s been given by her …

Is TÚ Mo Chuisle pronunciation?

Tá mo chroí istigh ionat (pronounced taw moh kree ish-tig un-at) – This very romantic phrase literally means ‘my heart is in you’. Is tú mo chuisle (pronounced is too moh coosh-lah) – Another anatomical phrase, this means ‘you are my pulse’.

What is the meaning of Mo chroi?

Treasure of My Heart
Pronounced: Muh Store. Literally translating to “My treasure,” this phrase is often used to mean “my darling.” These words were famously used in the celebrated Irish folk song A Stór Mo Chroí (Treasure of My Heart).

What does the Irish term mo cuishle mean?

Mo Cuishle (pronounced ‘coosh-la’): Literally means ‘my pulse’, for the person who makes your heart beat. Often generally translated as ‘my darling’. Often generally translated as ‘my darling’.

What does the word Cuisle mean in Gaelic?

Cuisle is “vein, pulse”. There is a term of endearment using this word: A chuisle mo chroí! “My heart’s beloved!” literally “Pulse of my heart!” This can be shortened to a chuisle “darling, my dear” when addressing someone.

Where does the saying mo chuisle come from?

“Mo chuisle” literally means “My pulse”, but can mean “My love” or “My darling”. It’s an Irish term of endearment taken from the original phrase “A chuisle mo chro “, or “Pulse of my heart”.

Which is the correct pronunciation of Mo mhuirnin?

Mo mhuirnín (pronounced mu voor-neen) Like mo stóirín it is the Irish for “my darling” or “my sweetheart” 5. Mo mhuirnín dílis (pronounced mu voor-neen deelish) Is the Irish for “my own true love” or “my faithful darling”. There are just a few words that will hopefully inspire your jewelry engravings and design ideas!