How fast is the 2011 Ford Taurus SHO?

2011 Ford Taurus SHO AWD 0-60 Times, Top Speed, Specs, Quarter Mile, and Wallpapers

Drivetrain All-wheel drive
Horsepower 365 HP
Torque 399 N.m
Top Speed 262 km/h

How fast is Taurus SHO?

143 mph
If that sounds like an overstatement, consider the SHO’s qualifications. It has a 24-valve V-6 engine that produces 220 hp. From a standing start, it can reach 60 mph in 6.7 seconds. Its top speed is a hair-straightening 143 mph.

How fast is a 2010 Ford Taurus SHO?

From U.S. highway speeds, the SHO accelerates into triple digits as if it were raised in Germany. But the 133-mph governed top speed—that’s 10 mph lower than the 1989 original’s—is a major clue that this car wasn’t designed with the autobahn in mind.

What does SHO mean on a car?

Super High Output
Riding this success, Ford saw opportunity to position a performance variant of the Taurus at the top of model hierarchy, and subsequently cut a deal with Yamaha to develop an upgraded version of its staid Vulcan V-6 for the new performance Taurus called the Super High Output—or SHO.

What kind of engine does a 2011 Ford Taurus SHO have?

Used 2011 Ford Taurus SHO SHO Specs & Features

Base engine type Gas
Cam type Double overhead cam (dohc)
Cylinders V6
Horsepower 365 hp @ 5500 rpm

How reliable is a 2011 Ford Taurus?

Currently the Ford Taurus has a score of 8.5 out of 10, which is based on our evaluation of 34 pieces of research and data elements using various sources.

Are Ford Taurus SHO fast?

For a two-ton behemoth, the fourth-gen SHO can hustle, with zero-to-60 taking a relatively scant 5.2 seconds onto a measly top speed of 133 mph.

What’s the 0 to 60 time on a Ford Taurus?

Comparing cars is a real fun. Since 0-60 time has been considered the golden standard of cars’ performance, let’s put Taurus face to face with the rivals by analyzing 0 to 60 mph, 60 to 80 mph and a quarter mile acceleration data.

Is the Ford Taurus a full size car?

However, following an upgrade in 2013, the model has struggled to compete with other full-size sedans available today. The first three months of 2016 saw Ford sell five times as many Ford Fusions as Ford Taurus models. Various news reports indicate that Ford is planning to redesign the vehicle.

What is the rear view camera on a Taurus SHO?

Rear view camera *Rearview mirror based. Displays through navigation system when 58N Navigation System is ordered*

How can I test my Ford Taurus acceleration?

Simply test your Ford Taurus accelerations time, of course, in a hands-free as well as fully automated way. What’s more, post the Taurus 0-60 time to your leaderboard. The leaderboard will feature accuracy to the millisecond and display your position in comparison to other users in real time.