How many types of forests are there in Karnataka?

Various Forest Types/Sub-Types found in Karnataka as per Champion & Seth Classification

1 Southern tropical wet evergreen forest 1A/C4
2 Southern hill top tropical evergreen forest 1A/C3
3 Southern subtropical hill forest 8A/C1
4 South Indian subtropical hill savannah (woodland) 8A/DS1

Which are the different types of natural vegetation of Karnataka explain any one?

The forest types found in Karnataka are:

  • Evergreen and Semi-evergreen Forest. The evergreen forests mainly comprises of evergreen trees that retain their green foliage throughout the year.
  • Moist Deciduous Forest.
  • Dry Deciduous Forest.
  • Scrub and Thorny Forest.
  • Un-wooded Forest.

What are the geographical features of Karnataka?

Landforms of Karnataka The state has three principal physical zones; The coastal strip, called Karavali and Tulu Nadu, between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, which is lowland, with moderate to high rainfall levels. This strip is around 320 km in length and 48–64 km wide.

Which is biggest forest in Karnataka?

Uttara Kannada
Ramchandra, a professor with the Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, and the lead author of the study told Mongabay-India that Uttara Kannada is among the districts with the highest forest cover in the entire country.

Which is the smallest forest in Karnataka?

Vijayapura, also known as Bijapur is the district with least forest area in the state. The total area of the recorded forest zone of Vijayapura is around 8,111 hectares constituting about 0.77 of the geographical area of the Vijayapura division which has the same limits as those of the district.

Which is the major part of Karnataka?

Geography. Karnataka has 3 main geographical zones. It includes the Karavali coastal region, the hilly region of Malenadu covering Western Ghats and Bayaluseeme region covering plains of the Deccan plateau. The major part of this state lies in Bayaluseeme region.

Who is called Tiger of Karnataka?

In attempting to contain European expansion in South India, Tipu Sultan, known as the Tiger of Mysore fought four significant Anglo-Mysore Wars, the last of which resulted in his death and the incorporation of Mysore into the British Raj.

Which forest is biggest in Karnataka?

What are the different types of vegetation in Karnataka?

Types of Vegetation: Natural Vegetation of Karnataka has been classified on the basis of rainfall, relief features and type of soil. They are : 1) Evergreen forests, 2) Deciduous forests, 3) Mixed Forests, and 4) Grasslands and Shrubs. Evergreen forests of Karnataka – definition

What kind of animals are found in Karnataka?

This is the reason Karnataka is known as ‘the land of sandalwood’. 6. Name the wild animals in our forests. Ans. The wild animals in our forests are tigers, lion, cheetah, wild buffalo, elephant, leopards, boars, bisons, stags, deer, bears, porcupines etc. Varieties of snakes are also found here.

What is the percentage of forest in Karnataka?

The percentage of Karnataka’s forest area in comparison to its geographical area is slightly lower than the all-India average of around 23%. The percentage recommended by the National Forest Policy is 33%. Karnataka is one such state where it has magnificent forests in the India.

Which is the most important flora of Karnataka?

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