How much do Ryanair cabin crew earn UK?

How much does a Cabin Crew at Ryanair make? The typical Ryanair Cabin Crew salary is £1,229 per month. Cabin Crew salaries at Ryanair can range from £596 – £2,917 per month.

How much do Ryanair cabin crew earn?

As the average pay of Ryanair’s cabin crew ranges between €24,000 to €40,000 and they can, by law, fly no more than 900 hours, the average flying hourly pay of our cabin crew varies between €26.67 to €44.44 per hour.

How long is Ryanair cabin crew training?

Ryanair’s intensive six-week Cabin Crew Training Course ensures that candidates are provided with the very best training in Europe – free of charge.

What is the recruitment process for Ryanair?

Cadet applications are completed online and then screened by a third party. The third party selects and recommends the selection to the HR department of Ryanair and then successful candidates are invited for interview.

How much do BA cabin crew earn?

As a Mixed Fleet Cabin Crew member, you will have the potential to earn, on average, a reward package of between £23,000 and £28,000 per annum. This includes a starting salary of £15,612 per annum.

Do Ryanair crew have layovers?

However some airlines (mostly budget carriers) only operate turnarounds, meaning these crew never experience layovers and always return to their home after every shift. Examples of airlines where the crew always do turnarounds are Ryanair and Easyjet.

How much do cabin crew earn UK?

Air cabin crew with experience can expect to earn a base rate of £15,000 to £18,000 a year. Base pay at senior cabin crew level, which can be reached after a few years, is around £20,000. You can add an hourly flight rate, inflight commission on sales and performance bonuses to your base rate.

How to become a cabin crew member at Ryanair?

Starting a career as a cabin crew member at Ryanair will require passing several pre-employment assessments & interviews. JobTestPrep offers the tools that you will need to surpass the Ryanair hiring process. From in-depth practice tests & study guides to expert interview advice you will be able to face your Ryanair aptitude tests with confidence.

What are the aptitude tests for Ryanair cabin crew?

The situational judgment test will assess your behavioural and cognitive abilities when faced with certain real-world workplace scenarios. These tests may be presented as an all-in-one cabin crew aptitude test, or as separate assessments.

What do you do at the Ryanair assessment centre?

Assessment Centre: v During the Ryanair assessment centre you will participate with other candidates in various group activities, a company presentation, online and written assessments, and face-to-face interviews.

How to apply for a cabin crew job?

Then, i had to make an english online test, really easy, multiple choice questions, and describe how it would be your first day as a cabin crew. After, i had to send a photo of my passport, a full body photo, and my CV. And then, i have the online interview with a recruiter. Why you want to be cabin crew? I applied online. I interviewed at Ryanair