How much does a CRJ 200 cost?

The Bombardier CRJ200 price was around $24.375 million dollars (USD) for a new CRJ200 jet from Bombardier.

How much does a CRJ 900 cost?

List price for the CRJ-900 is $33.6m.

How much fuel does a CRJ 200 burn per hour?

Bombardier CRJ200

Airfield Performance:
FAR take-off field length (SL, ISA) at MTOW 6,290 ft 1,918 m
FAR landing field length (SL) at MLW 4,850 ft 1,479 m
Fuel consumption per hour (cruise average) 325 U.S. gal/ 271 Imp. gal 1,230 L

How much does it cost to maintain a Boeing 747?

The average airborne operating cost of a Boeing 747-400 is between $24,000 and $27,000 per hour, around $39.08 to $43.97 per mile, using approximately $15,374 in fuel per hour.

How much does an ERJ 175 cost?

The Embraer 175 has short field capability, superior hot and high performance, and a 2,000 nm range, delivering maximum operational versatility. The average hourly rental rate of the Embraer ERJ 175 is around 13,500 USD per hour.

How long can a CRJ 900 fly?

CRJ900 variants The CRJ900 has a range of 2,956km, while its long-range version named CRJ900LR has a range of 3,385km with a full passenger load.

How much fuel does a CRJ 700 use?

The CRJ700 is a very quiet aircraft (with an operational take-off noise level of 89EPNdb) and is very fuel efficient, with a range of 3,674km and fuel capacity of 9,017kg.

How much fuel does a jet burn per hour?

The plane will consume 2,508 litres of fuel per hour. An Airbus A321neo fuel capacity of 32,940 litre. If an Airbus A321neo burns 0.683 litre per second, Boeing 747 uses approximately 4 litres every second, which translates to 240 litres per minute and 14,400 litre per hour.

How much does it cost to rent a Bombardier CRJ-200?

The Bombardier CRJ-200 has been used for commercial air services as well as for private and charter operations. The average hourly rental rate of the Bombardier CRJ-200 is around 15,000 USD per hour. Bag. Capacity Bombardier’s CRJ200 is a 50-seat regional jet that until recently, was quite commonly utilized around the world.

What’s the difference between the CRJ100 and CRJ200?

The CRJ200 is almost identical to the earlier CRJ100 model, except for the adoption of more efficient engines; these new engines have been attributed as having provided the CRJ200 with several improvements in performance, such as lower fuel consumption, as well as an increase in cruise altitude and cruise speed.

What was the derivative of the Bombardier CRJ200?

During 1995, Bombardier embarked on design studies and a detailed market evaluation on the topic of producing a substantially enlarged derivative of the CRJ200. These efforts quickly transitioned into a $450 million program to produce such an aircraft, which was produced as the CRJ700.

Is there cargo door retrofit on Bombardier CRJ100?

A cargo door retrofit has been developed for the installation of former passenger-configured aircraft to extend the useful life of early-built CRJ100s.