How much does it cost to fix a laptop backlight?


Nationwide Computer Repair Laptops Desktops
Backlight/Inverter Repair $149+ $198+
Water Damage $250+ $350+
Virus Removal $175 $175
Data Transfer $150+ $150+

What causes laptop backlight failure?

If your LCD backlight is not working consider the possibility of the LCD not lighting up because of the blown fuse on your laptop’s motherboard. The LED screens rarely have a separate power connector for the backlight, so they get the power through the 40-pin cable. …

How do I fix the backlight on my HP laptop?

If your notebook computer has a backlit keyboard, press the F5 or F4 (some models) key on the keyboard to turn the light on or off. It might be necessary to press the fn (function) key at the same time. If the backlight icon is not on the F5 key, look for the backlit keyboard key on the row of function keys.

Can a backlight be fixed?

If it’s a backlight or power supply problem, it can be fixed. Usually, the problem stems from the high voltage inverter circuitry, either bad power transistors, capacitors, or thermal stress on the circuit board leading to broken solder joints. But fixing these problems can often be a short term solution.

What causes LCD backlight failure?

Backlight circuit failure can also occur from damage to the electrical traces on the circuit board. If the electrical traces buried in the board are inadvertently severed—for example, from trying to fasten the board with too large a screw—the backlight circuit will not conduct power to the backlight LEDs.

What to do if backlight is not working?

What to do if keyboard backlight isn’t working?

  1. In the case that the Spacebar on your keyboard has a keyboard icon on its left side, hold the function (Fn) key and hit the Spacebar once.
  2. Hit the F12 key.
  3. Then, press the F5 key.
  4. Also, press the key with the backlight sign on it.

Can backlight bleed be fixed?

Backlight bleed is characterized as light leaking around the edges or corners of an LCD display. It is fixable in some cases. Backlight bleeding is simply some of the backlight leaking through. There are no ways to completely remove this, though it can be reduced in some scenarios.

How much does it cost to fix LED backlight?

Backlight repair cost TV backlight repair costs $100 to $125, including replacement parts and labor. You will pay more in trip fees to have the unit repaired at home. The price of backlight replacement parts averages around $2.50 for each LED and between $20 and $25 for each CCFL strip.

How to fix a bad backlight on a laptop?

cj2600 1 Loose connection on the inverter board, you’ll have to reseat cables on both ends. 2 Damaged backlight lamp (CCFL), in this case you’ll have to either replace the lamp (no easy) or replace the whole LCD screen (much easier but more expensive). 3 It’s possible that the inverter is dead but most likely you’ve damaged the backlight lamp.

How do I replace the light bulb on my laptop?

My bulb came with long leads – trim these with wire cutters. Then, replace the silicone end caps. Place the new bulb into the reflector assembly just as the old bulb was (in my case, wires pointing “up”). Before going through the trouble of reassembly, reconnect your inverter and bulb and start up your machine.

Where is the lamp located on a laptop?

Though the specifics of how to do this will vary widely, you’ll need to entirely remove the LCD assembly from the lid of your laptop, so that you can get at the bottom edge which houses the lamp. It should be the only part of the screen which has heavy gauge high-voltage wires going to it.

Why is my laptop screen dark with a dead inverter?

If you still can see the image on the laptop screen then the problem is not related to the inverter board or backlight lamp. When you have a dead inverter or backlight lamp, the whole LCD screen will be dark, not just some vertical lines. From your description I would assume that you might have a faulty LCD screen.