Is 2000 mg the same as 2000 IU?

Vitamin D is actually dispensed in units called “International Units”. Some patient and doctors refer to the units as milligrams (mg) because it is easier to remember/understand. If you are looking for 2000 mg of Vit D you can feel comfortable purchasing 2000 IU of Vit D. They are the same thing.

Is 2000 IU a lot?

Not knowing what your vitamin D level is and how rapidly you metabolize it, a reasonable amount is 1,000 to 2,000 IU per day.” Don’t rely on food alone. You’d have to drink 20 cups of vitamin D-fortified milk to get 2,000 IU per day.

What does 2000 IU mean in vitamins?

IU = international units. IU stands for International Unit and is a measure that is used in pharmacy and for the use of measurement of vitamins. The precise definition of a IU differs from one substance to another but in the case of this product Vitamin E 1 IU is the biological equivalent of about 0.667mg.

Is 2000 units of vitamin D too much?

Mayo Clinic recommends that adults get at least the RDA of 600 IU. However, 1,000 to 2,000 IU per day of vitamin D from a supplement is generally safe, should help people achieve an adequate blood level of vitamin D, and may have additional health benefits.

What is 5000 IU in MG?

So 5000 IU is equal to 1500 mcg. 1 mg (milligram) = 1000 mcg. So 5000 IU is equal to 1.5 mg.

What does IU measure in vitamins?

The IU is an International Unit , usually used to measure fat soluble vitamins including Vitamin A , D and E. The conversion of IU to mg varies depending on the nutrient. One milligram of beta carotene = 1667IU of Vitamin A activity.

What does “IU” mean on vitamin labels?

IU stands for International Units and is used for the measurement of drugs and vitamins. As IU is a measurement of the amount of minerals and vitamins present in a tablet or capsule, it is essential to know how much of IU is enough and also how to convert this unit into other units such as mgs and mcgs.