Is imaginext Fisher Price?

The Imaginext System is a brand of role-playing, adventure toys designed for kids 3 or older made by Mattel, as part of their Fisher-Price brand.

Who are the DC Super Friends?

The core group of five heroes made up the “Super Friends”:

  • Aquaman.
  • Batman.
  • Robin.
  • Superman.
  • Wonder Woman.

Is Black Vulcan Black Lightning?

Black Vulcan was created as a substitute for Black Lightning when Hanna-Barbera was not allowed to use that character. Black Vulcan was voiced by Buster Jones.

What does the bat bot do?

Over 2 ft-tall Batbot Xtreme comes with wings, punching fists, projectile launchers, a motorcycle, & a voice changer! Press the buttons on each shoulder to fire projectiles. Turn Power Pad on left leg to pop open foot and reveal Batcycle. Includes Batbot, Batman figure, Batcycle, & 10 projectiles.

Where can I buy a Fisher Price Batman?

Imaginext BANE Battle Sled Rare Fisher-Price Boy Girl Gift Batman Superman NEW! Only 1 left! Imaginext Joker Surprise Tank DC Comics Batman Superman Fisher Price SYD NEW! Only 1 left! Only 1 left! Only 1 left! Imaginext Batmobile Batman Robin Figure DC Super Friends Gotham Batcave NEW! Only 1 left!

What kind of toys are in Fisher Price Imaginext?

Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Ninja Armor… Shop our collection of Fisher-Price® Imaginext® figures, vehicles, and playsets, which feature popular characters from kid-favorite TV shows, movies, and comic books, including SpongeBob™, Jurassic World™, DC Super Friends™ and more, for preschool boys and girls ages 3 years and up.

Which is the best toy for Batman fans?

The Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Batbot Xtreme is the ULTIMATE toy for Batman fans. With extendable wings, multiple projectile launchers, a hidden Batcycle, a voice changer, and real punching fists, your young Super Hero will have a blast defending Gotham City™ from all sorts of evil Super-Villain attacks!

Where does Batman go in DC Super Friends?

Kids can take Batman™ from Wayne Manor™ to his hidden Batcave with this two-story DC Super Friends™ playset!With this Imaginext® DC Super Friends™ Batcave, young Super Heroes can take the action from Wayne Manor™ to the secret lair below (and back again), creating their own… when item is in stock. Please notify me when