Is OBC certificate required for IBPS PO?

OBC/SC/ST caste certificate – You must carry the Caste Certificate issued by the competent authority in the prescribed format as stipulated by the Government of India in the case of SC / ST / OBC category candidates. Note: In this notification, IBPS has not mentioned the validity date of the caste certificate.

Is SC a scheduled caste?

The Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) are officially designated groups of people in India. The terms are recognised in the Constitution of India and the groups are designated in one or other of the categories.

Is state OBC certificate valid in IBPS Clerk?

OBC caste certificate containing the Non-creamy layer clause should be valid as on the date of submission. Caste Name mentioned in certificate should tally letter by letter with Central Government list / notification.

What is the format of caste certificate?

This certificate is issued on the basis of the Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes Certificate issued to Shri/Shrimati* _____________________ father/mother* ___________________ of Shri/Shrimati/Kumari ____________________ of Village/Town* _____________________________ in /District/Division* _________________ of the State …

Where can I get NCL certificate for OBC?

How to get OBC certificate offline?

  • Visit any nearby Tehsil office, SDM office or Revenue office to collect the required application form.
  • File an application for a caste certificate.
  • Specify migration from the home state in case of shifting.
  • Obtain a blood relative’s caste certificate, if the father is deceased.

What is the validity of OBC certificate?

1 year
However, for most practical purposes, the validity of an OBC NCL Certificate is treated as 1 year. If your OBC NCL certificate was obtained before 1 year, it is always better to get a new OBC NCL before applying for exams.

Which castes comes under SC?

List of Scheduled Castes

Official name as SC Dates States where have SC status
Lalbegi 1950 designated Assam (1950)
Balmiki 1950 designated Punjab (1950)
Bangali 1950 designated Punjab (1950)
Barar, Burar, Berar 1950 designated Punjab (1950)

How is Caste certificate verified?

After receipt of an application, preliminary scrutiny is done to verify the documents. If the applicant furnishes a caste certificate of person having blood relation with him, that certificate is verified from the issuing authority, and applicant’s relation with the certificate holder is confirmed.

What is SC full form?

Answer: The full form of SC, ST and OBC are. SC – Scheduled Castes. ST – Scheduled Tribes. OBC – Other Backward Classes.

How do I get NCL certificate?

How to Apply for NCL Certificate?

  1. Go to the official state social welfare portal.
  2. Click on Apply for Caste certificate.
  3. Register yourself by providing the details.
  4. Log in with your credentials.
  5. Click on the application form link and fill in the details.
  6. Upload the scan copy of required documents.
  7. Submit the application form.

What is OBC NCL full form?


Is the caste certificate prescribed format for IBPS interview?

Some important documents are expected from the candidates during the interview, and YES, the cast certificate is one such document and has to be produced in the prescribed format for the interview. By considering this caste certificate IBPS format only, the candidates who are eligible for any relaxation either in age, fees or marks would be given.

What do you need for permanent address in IBPS?

For Permanent address: The candidate should submit land deed or land tax receipt, voter list proving residence since 1950, the birth certificate proving residence since 1950, ration card proving residence since 1950, caste certificate of parents and any government document proving permanent residence since 1950.

What kind of certificate is required for caste identity?

For Caste Identity: The candidate needs to submit the caste certificate of any paternal blood relation and proof of such relation, a copy of old land deed (prior to 1950) specifying community name in that document, any government document proving caste identity.

Which is the eligibility criteria for IBPS bank exam?

The exam conducted usually has the eligibility criteria under which the candidates’ nationality, educational qualification, age, and caste is considered. The bank exam is given by only those candidates who satisfy all the requirements of the eligibility criteria set up by IBPS.