Is the Colt Python the best revolver ever made?

While modern machining processes could create the equal of the Python, the reassurance that hours of personal attention and gunmaking experience was invested in a product cannot be replicated by a machine. A mixture of firepower, good design, beauty and craftsmanship, the Colt Python was the perfect revolver.

Is the new Colt Python better than the original?

If you’re looking to shoot rather than collect, you can’t lose with the new model. These revolvers were and are designed as shooters to win competitions, harvest game and save lives if necessary. The new Python will do all of that at a fair price — and do so even better than the original.

Is the new Colt Python any good?

The fit and finish are very good, probably better than the guns built at the end of the snake gun era. Not to offend collectors, the new Python is, in many ways, better than the original. The only thing missing from this model is one with Colt’s classic Royal Blue finish.

Why is the Colt Python so expensive?

High prices are the result of the Python being out of production and a tremendous collector’s market. Perhaps some of it is speculation. The Single Action Army and the Colt 1911 are still in production and readily available. Just the same, older examples in good shape may bring a much higher price than the new Colts.

Why is the Colt Python so popular?

In its standard configuration of . 357 Magnum, the gun packs plenty of power for nearly any law enforcement group, some fun range time, or even defending one’s castle. The caliber has been around since 1934, is a standard cartridge for most stores to carry, has excellent power, and shows no sign of going anywhere.

Is a Colt Python worth the money?

Results were excellent, as good as I am able to produce with any handgun. The new Python is a good handgun. I own a good number of Colt revolvers and do not hoard them or keep them as collector’s items. The new Colt is a shooter’s gun and perhaps the best revolver Colt has ever manufactured.

How much is a Colt Python gun?

COLT PYTHON pistol PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A COLT PYTHON pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,958.50 new and $1,431.56 used .

What kind of gun was the Colt Python?

These guns were among the last of an era. The smiths at Colt had a lot of man hours in the finish work on their double-action revolvers. The machines that produced them were run by humans, and not by computers. And these are material-rich firearms. There is a lot of steel these old guns, which adds to the expense and the weight.

Is the Korth a single action or double action revolver?

Also, the barrel to cylinder gap of Korth’s remained unchanged and the gap widened in other revolvers. Break down of cylinder: as simple as pressing a button and take it out. This is how a revolver, no matter single action or double action, should be made.

Is the Korth combat.357 Magnum a good gun?

I dunno, but I couldn’t warm up to the Korth Combat Revolver in .357 Magnum, an almost legendary German handgun. I should like this gun.

What’s the difference between Colt Python and Smith and Wesson?

The finger swells and recurve of the back make it ideal for those who like a custom molded grip. And the rubber is easy to hold onto. The Python’s grip is not the original, but close. It closes some of the gap behind the trigger guard, but leaves the steel of the backstrap against your palm.