Is there a program similar to Quicken?

While Quicken still dominates the financial software program universe, several alternatives exist. One rival is Mint, a read-only budget planner and spending tracker. Another rival, Personal Capital, offers investment management services.

What is the best program for keeping track of finances?

Quicken is the best solution for individuals because of its robust features. This software is scalable and can support a household’s financial needs as they grow more complex over time. With Quicken, a household can manage and pay bills, track retirement and investment accounts, and design customized budgets.

What is the best free software like Quicken?

Intuit itself offers a simpler, more basic alternative to Quicken in, which it acquired in 2009. is Web-based, rather than a standalone software program. It is a free service and only offers basic features such as creating and tracking budgets and financial goals, and monitoring one’s credit score.

What is a good, multi-user alternative to quicken?

16 Best Quicken Alternatives: Personal Capital – free financial dashboard and wealth planner Tiller Money – spreadsheet automation for full customization You Need a Budget – best in class budgeting tool & mindset CountAbout – can import data from Quicken Pocketsmith – a budget planner, calendar, and projector Mint – ad-supported budgeting tool Banktivity – native Mac application

What are the alternatives to quicken?

Overall, GNUCash is one of our favorite alternatives to Quicken. The support and price of entry are great features, as is the available Android application that helps track your financials on the go.

What are programs similar to QuickBooks?

1) FreshBooks. FreshBooks is a most loved and popular Quickbooks online alternative for small businesses and freelancers. 2) Sage. Are you looking for a free Quickbooks alternative for small business? 3) Xero. 4) Wave. 5) Zoho Books. 6) ZipBooks. 7) FreeAgent. 8) Pandle. 9) Gusto. 10) Kashoo.