Specialized Security Equipment Now Available at Secur-T

Security is an issue that transcends all sectors and is paramount to the success of any business or entity. Whether you’re in the hauling business or you own a bakery, there’s no denying that security plays a massive role in ensuring the smooth running of operations. Owing to that fact, companies have spent countless hours and money looking for appropriate solutions to combat this problem. That’s where Secur-T comes in; they provide modern solutions that’ll assist you in beefing up security at your premises or freight. They also have a host of other products such as safety equipment and forklift accessories.

Secur-T is based in Canada; nevertheless, if you’re not from that region, why not visit their website to learn more about their services and merchandise that are available for purchase. The company prides itself on providing a range of quality equipment that’ll definitely optimize the workflow of your business. In addition to that, Secur-T works with the largest manufacturers of safety equipment to provide quality locking devices, safety tools, and protection systems. Here are some of the equipment you can find on the company’s site and stores.

Rapid Roll Mobile Kit

This is a system that is rapidly revolutionizing the way we fence construction sites. The Rapid Roll Mobile Kit is superior to traditional site barriers in a number of ways, but perhaps where it trumps them the most is its ability to be reused without much of a hassle. The kit can be set up and taken down in no time, making the whole process of creating and clearing out a site quick and easy. On top of being highly efficient and easy to set up, the kit’s conspicuous bright red fence is extremely noticeable compared to other barriers such as cones and tapes. This allows workers on the site to safely maneuver around it even using large machinery. The kit’s barrier function is tremendous, providing safety as well as security for persons working on site.

Security seals

These are among the most used safety and security apparatus in the world. They can be utilized in a number of ways such as securing cargo containers on ships, fastening truck trailer doors, sealing meter boxes, and mailbags among a host of other ways. Not only do security seals provide protection from theft, but they also act as tamper evidence for items on transit. They help in detecting whether an item has been breached or tampered with during the entire delivery process. Seals come in various forms with a number of different types neatly designed to suit different functions. Some of the different types of seals available at Secur-T include cable seals, plastic padlock seals, bolt seals, twist rod seals, and pull tight seals.

Accordion Grille

The accordion grille is an outstanding product that is slowly making its mark on the fencing sphere. It’s a suitable upgrade from traditional barriers, offering protection against theft and flying debris for a variety of establishments like retail shops in malls, airports, and piazzas. They also come with thick steel vertical support rails that ensure maximum stability. What’s more, the accordion grilles from Secur-T are equipped with a pivot system that allows them to rotate up to 180 degrees. This remarkable feature enables installation even in areas with limited space.

Guardrail system

The guardrail system is the ultimate solution to securing roof edges that are susceptible to infiltration. Besides beefing up security, roof guards also eliminate the risk of anyone falling off the roof. Moreover, they are non-penetrating, which means that there are no major structural changes that are required during their installation. This allows maintenance workers to rest easy knowing that they wouldn’t have a big challenge when conducting their work. The rails are made from recycled material and are resistant to rust and deteriorations caused by the elements of weather. The guardrail system doesn’t require a parapet in order to be installed; plus, they come with a 10-year warranty. With such game-changing features, there’s no denying that this system is nothing short of ingenious.

There are always challenges that come with the safety and protection of a business, but you can rest assured that Secur-T is adequately equipped to help combat these hurdles as they arise.