What are some good topics for art?

Following are some of the interesting topic ideas that you can choose to start with.

  • Gothic and Neo-Gothic.
  • Comparison of Nazi and Soviet art.
  • Can abstract art be decoded?
  • The art of disgusting.
  • Bauhaus movement.
  • Surrealist movement.
  • Photography as art.
  • History and origin of Abstract Expressionism.

How do you end an art history paper?

In the paragraphs following the thesis, you will want to provide specific research and formal analyses that support it. The conclusion can: point to the significance of your claims, offer suggestions for further research, provide further questions.

What is a good topic for a history research paper?

World History Research Paper Topics

  • Mexican-American War.
  • Religion and Crusades.
  • Causes of Thirty Years War.
  • Use of Weapons in Ancient Civilizations.
  • Bridal Ceremonies in Ancient Rome.
  • Apartheid Impact.
  • South America Colonization.
  • Social Relationships in Medieval Europe.

What are the topics in arts?

Fine Art & Design Topics

  • Abstract Expressionism.
  • Ai Wei Wei.
  • Animation.
  • Anime / Manga.
  • Art as protest.
  • Art glass.
  • Arts & Crafts movement.
  • Bauhaus.

What format does art history use?

The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), as described in the most recent edition of Sylvan Barnet’s A Short Guide to Writing about Art is the department standard. Although you may have used MLA style for English papers or other disciplines, the Chicago Style is required for all students taking art history courses at UALR.

How do you write art history?

Writing the analysis:

  1. Develop a strong interpretive thesis about what you think is the overall effect or meaning of the image.
  2. Ground your argument in direct and specific references to the work of art itself.
  3. Describe the image in specific terms and with the criteria that you used for the analysis.

Which is the best topic for an art history paper?

10 Topic Ideas for Art History Papers 01. Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Research and analyze a specific work of art. For example, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona… 02. Mark Rothko’s Orange, Red, Yellow. Research a particular movement of art, such as Color Field Painting, which was… 03. The Wave by

Can you write a research paper on art?

Art is a very complex topic to write about if you’re not good at it. You don’t get the symbols, and you don’t understand the artist’s ideas at all. We suggest you to write research papers and essays about art history instead.

Why is art history a field of study?

Still, art history is a field that covers an incredible amount of data from the earliest eras of Stone Age until now. Because of the different subjects the history of art is related to and countless studies, there is a great deal of information available on various topics.

Which is the best topic for a research paper?

The importance of Denis Diderot’s critiques for 18th-century French art. The 18th century wouldn’t be the same without the French Revolution. Our expert compares french Revolution paintings and Greek art in this research paper sample. Like our topics? Choose any of 600+ writers to help you with them.