What are the school terms in South Africa?

School Calendar South Africa: KwaZulu-Natal school terms, Eastern Cape school terms, Western Cape school terms, Northern Cape school terms, Free State school terms, Gauteng school terms, North-West school terms, Limpopo school terms and Mpumalanga school terms.

When do schools reopen in South Africa in 2020?

Schools were closed from Wednesday, 18 March and started re-opening from 1 June 2020. Schools were again closed from 27 July to 24 August. School calendar (before Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic) The Department of Basic Education published the school calendar for 2020 on 11 January 2018.

When do teachers report for duty in South Africa?

School Management Teams (SMTs) shall report for duty on Monday, 25 January 2021; Teachers shall follow on Monday, 01 February 2021; and Lastly, learners return on Monday, 15 February 2021. The Department of Basic Education gazetted the updated 2021 school calendar on 16 February 2021 (Gazette 44162)

When does the school calendar come out in South Africa?

Source: National Education Policy Act: 2021 school calendar for public schools [PDF] The Department of Basic Education published the school calendar for 2022 on 28 May 2021. Inland cluster: Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West

When did Pretoria High School for Girls open?

It was renamed Pretoria High School and became the first of the so-called “Milner” schools in the Transvaal, opening on 3 June 1901 with Charles Hope, who also founded Potchefstroom High School for Boys, as headmaster. Initial enrollment was 32 pupils, both boys and girls, which increased to 132 by August of that year.

What’s the pass rate at Pretoria High School?

In 2009, the school had a 99.9 percent Matric pass rate. The school has also been recognized as a circle of Excellence School by the Allan Gray Investment Management. The motto of the School is We work in hope, and has a Latin equivalent, Prosit Spes Labori.

When do the school holidays start in South Africa?

South African Department of Education academic school calendar with school terms 2017, school holidays 2017 , public holidays 2017, including school vacations, long weekends 2017 and high/low seasons. Free online calendar for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December 2017.