What city in Colorado gets the most rain?

Steamboat Springs
Rainiest Cities and Towns in Colorado: Average Annual Rainfall

# City Inches
1 Steamboat Springs 24.0
2 Durango 23.4
3 Aspen 23.2
4 Air Force Academy 21.3

What is the rainiest place in Colorado?

The wettest areas are on the northeastern plains near the Colorado-Kansas or Colorado-Nebraska borders. The low-elevation areas both north and south of the Palmer Divide and directly east of the Rockies are the driest.

Is Colorado in a drought 2021?

Eastern Colorado almost entirely drought-free, while exceptional drought persists on Western Slope. Copyright 2021 Scripps Media, Inc. The Colorado report issued June 3, 2021, by the U.S. Drought Monitor shows eastern Colorado is almost entirely drought-free, while drought persists on the Western Slope.

Why does it rain so little in Colorado?

Any moisture in the atmosphere has already travelled up the Western slope, and likely been wrung out of the atmosphere in that process long before getting to us. That is why we get relatively little precipitation here, also called a high plains desert.

What is the rainiest month in Colorado?

Denver has dry periods in January, February, March, September, October, November and December. On average, May is the wettest month with 2.17 inch (55.0 mm) of precipitation. On average, February is the driest month with 0.35 inch (9.0 mm) of precipitation.

What is the coldest month in Colorado?

Denver’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 15.2°F. In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 88.0°F.

Will Colorado have a drought?

Following a seemingly never-ending run of spring rain and snow, eastern Colorado is completely drought-free, based on Thursday’s update from the official U.S. drought monitor.

Why is Colorado so humid right now?

A large high-pressure system over the eastern part of the country is keeping a low-pressure system over Texas from progressing, which is creating the storms in Colorado, said Kari Bowen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Boulder. “This is a unique system going on right now,” she said.

What is the best month to visit Colorado?

Best times to visit for hiking and white water rafting If you’re after air that is warm by day, but crisp and cool by night, your best weather months in Colorado are mid-June through September, though know that early June and even late-September can still be potentially dicey in some higher elevations.

Where are dark skies of the wet mountain valley?

Dark Skies, Inc. of the wet Mountain Valley led the effort for the towns of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff, Colorado to be certified as an International Dark Sky Community by the International Dark Sky Association. We are the 1st to attain this distinction in Colorado, 9th in the world, and the highest anywhere!

Is there a drought in the state of Colorado?

More than 60 percent of the state is in a severe drought, and swaths of the West Slope are in an exceptional drought — the worst category from the U.S. Drought Monitor. Colorado farmers and ranchers are heading into one of the driest planting seasons in the last 20 years.

Is there going to be a winter in Colorado?

The six month winter and the six month dry season. In April when most states are experiencing their rainiest month, Colorado is experiencing one of it’s snowiest months. This snow might continue into May.