What CSI code is access panels?


Can I paint plastic access panel?

Plastic Access Panels provide a high quality low cost solution for access to building services in ceilings and walls. The panels are manufactured in the UK from high quality plastic with a lightly textured surface that will not discolour and can be over painted.

What is a CSI classification?

The 16 Divisions of construction, as defined by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)’s MasterFormat, is the most widely used standard for organizing specifications and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U.S. and Canada.

What CSI division is overhead doors?

Division 08
Division 08 – Openings – Windows and Doors.

What CSI division is Windows?

Division 8
Division 8 — Doors and Windows.

What is CSI architecture?

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is a membership organisation created in the United States, which includes various building professions and their affiliates. One of the primary tasks of the CSI is to create standards that can be used throughout the industry to design and manage the built environment.

What CSI division is doors frames and hardware?

Division 8 covers all kinds of openings, including doors, grilles, entrances and glazing systems, windows, skylights, hardware, glazing materials, louvers and vents. The following sections are the ones you will address when specifying Masonite Architectural doors.

What’s the purpose of a ceiling access panel?

Achieving a spotless ceiling finish while providing easy access for electrical or insulation equipment repairs or replacements would entail the role of ceiling access panels.

What are the different CSI codes for miscellaneous?

CSI CODES Division 1 – General 00000 Miscellaneous 00010 Accountant 00020 Advertising/Public Relations 00030 Attorney 00040 Architect 09500 Acoustical Ceiling Treatment 09600 Flooring 09700 Wall Finishes 09800 Acoustical Treatment 09900 Painting Division 10 – Specialties

What are the CSI codes for general contractors?

CSI CODES Division 1 – General 00000 Miscellaneous 00010 Accountant 00020 Advertising/Public Relations 00030 Attorney 00040 Architect 00050 Auctioneer 00060 Automotive, Trucks & Trailers – Sales, Repair, Parts 00070 Blue Printing 00075 Construction Materials – General 00080 Business Service 00090 Caterer 00100 Communications Equip. & Service

What are the current MasterFormat divisions in CSI?

The current MasterFormat Divisions are: PROCUREMENT AND CONTRACTING REQUIREMENTS GROUP: Division 00 — Procurement and Contracting Requirements. SPECIFICATIONS GROUP. General Requirements Subgroup. Division 01 — General Requirements. Facility Construction Subgroup. Division 02 — Existing Conditions(natural conditions)