What do pre teens put in Easter eggs?

If you are looking for something other than candy to put inside the eggs, here are some great ideas:

  1. Backpack Pins.
  2. Temporary Tattoos.
  3. Sidewalk Chalk Eggs.
  4. Punch Balloons.
  5. Glass marbles.
  6. Tenzi Dice (I put a few of these in each egg to make a full set)
  7. Embroidered Patches.
  8. Friendship Bracelets.

What do you give a teenager for Easter?

20 Trendy Teen Easter Basket Ideas, Since You’re Never Too Old for Holiday Fun

  • Gift for Teens Under $10. Cable Bite.
  • For Teens Who Have Everything. Chocolate Game Controller.
  • Iridescent GLUX. Copernicus Toys.
  • Bunny Slipper Socks. Sheliky.
  • Typing Away Catly Toy.
  • Cute Easter Basket Stuffer.
  • Inflatable Lounger.
  • Jelly Bean Baby Carrot.

What can teens put in plastic eggs?

Most of the hair stuff is small and fits perfectly inside the plastic eggs.

  1. hair clips.
  2. scrunchies.
  3. hair ties.
  4. clip in extensions.
  5. headband (hair wrap)

What should I put in my 15 year olds Easter basket?

Happy Easter!

  • Phone accessories.
  • New headphones.
  • Gift cards to their favorite store.
  • Nostalgic kid toys (wind-up cars, Lego men, yoyos)
  • Cool stationary.
  • Gum.
  • Themed baskets (nail spa, music list, hair, etc)
  • Movie tickets.

What do you fill Easter eggs with?

40 small non-candy Easter egg fillers that can fit inside of a plastic egg! No candy included!

  • Cheerios.
  • Small Figurine.
  • Mini Pretzels.
  • Money.
  • Glow Sticks (these will fit- you have to twist them and you may need a piece of tape to keep the egg from popping open, but it can be done!..
  • Hair clips.
  • Marbles.
  • Erasers.

What do you put inside Easter eggs for adults?

Fill plastic eggs with small cosmetic items like mini nail polishes, lip balms, or travel-size beauty products in spring hues. No matter how many eggs they collect, make everyone feel like a winner with mini trophies that read “Most Eggs,” “Good Egg,” and more.

What is a good gift for Easter?

21 Sweet and Chic Easter Gifts Adults Will Love

  • of 21. Pastel Bunny Soaps.
  • of 21. Rose Gold Bunny Ring Holder.
  • of 21. Floral Rabbit Print Silk Tie.
  • of 21. Mini Bunny Sugar Cookies.
  • of 21. Baby Ivy & Moss Easter Bunny Topiary.
  • of 21. Easter Bunny Breakfast Board.
  • of 21. Peter Rabbit Large Mache Egg.
  • of 21. Rabbit Mug.

What do girls put in Easter eggs?

25 Things to put in Easter Eggs

  • money (coins, bills, whatever…)
  • rings.
  • necklaces.
  • bracelets.
  • earrings.
  • stickers.
  • erasers.
  • puzzles pieces ( it will take a couple eggs, but when they find them all, they have a puzzle to put together)

What do you fill plastic Easter eggs with?

21 Candy-Free Ways To Fill A Plastic Easter Egg That Kids Will…

  • LEGOs. Separate a LEGO set and stick pieces in each egg.
  • Shoelaces. Tie up your kids’ kicks with the colorful new laces he or she finds during the hunt!
  • Hair Accessories.
  • Stickers.
  • Puzzle Pieces.
  • Key Chains.
  • Temporary Tattoos.
  • Erasers.

What to fill Easter eggs with?

How much do parents spend on Easter baskets?

You can spend a small fortune filling your child’s Easter basket with candy and toys. How much should you spend on Easter basket goodies? A quick look at some parenting forums shows families spending anywhere from $25 to $100 per child, but you don’t need to turn Easter into a consumer holiday.

What to put in adult Easter eggs?

A grown-up Easter egg hunt is a great way to bask in nostalgia and get conversations going while avoiding a sugar crash. Here are some adult Easter egg hunt ideas that will give your friends some hilarious memories for years to come. Start with a light brunch of fresh fruit, egg white frittatas, cucumber water and mimosas.

What do you put in Easter eggs?

25 Things to put in Easter Eggs 1. money (coins, bills, whatever…) 2. rings 3. necklaces 4. bracelets 5. earrings 6. stickers 7. erasers 8. puzzles pieces ( it will take a couple eggs, but when they find them all, they have a puzzle to put together) 9. little action figures 14. craft pom poms

What are some good Easter egg hunt clues?

use these clues below to lead your kids to places around

  • I have windows and doors but I am not your house!
  • I’m a big cold white appliance
  • and any dirty clothing that comes to be!
  • What to put in Easter baskets?

    An Easter basket is a special basket used in Easter celebrations. Easter baskets are typically filled with Easter eggs, food, toys, or other gifts depending on one’s culture.