What do you need to know about Robocraft?

Robocraft is a very addictive and fun game where you can build anything you can possibly imagine, add some movement items and weapons and battle other players online. In this guide I will explain everything about Robocraft starting from the very basic things you need to know to the most advanced things you can do.

How does the tier system work in Robocraft?

Tier level – This is the robot ranking system. The higher the tier level of your bot is the higher tier battles you will be able to join. There are 10 tier levels and you can level up your bot by adding more/higher tier items or blocks. Chat – You can use the chat to talk to the Robocraft community and your friends.

When did Robocraft first come out on Steam?

Here at Freejam we specialize in creating positive gaming experiences through user-generated content (UGC). We’ve been doing that with Robocraft since 2013 and in just over a week’s time we’ll be releasing our next UGC game on Steam built entirely around cardboard – CardLife.

When do the new cardboard cubes come out for Robocraft?

Hey there Robocrafters, Please note that we’ll be taking the game offline from 10:00 AM (UTC+1) on Wednesday October 3rd so we can add the new cardboard cubes and parts to Robocraft. These cubes will be available to any Robocraft player that purchases our new game CardLife on Steam. To find out more about these cubes, read our recent blog post .

How many CPU points can you get in Robocraft?

CPU – Every block or item you use to build a vehicle needs CPU. Once you use all you CPU points you won’t be able to add any more components on your vehicle. The maximum CPU points you can reach is 1511. RP (RoboPoints) – This is the basic currency of the game.

Can a t2-t7 vehicle join a megaboss battle?

Players with T2-T7 tier vehicles have a chance to randomly join challenge battles when they enter a normal battle. Megaboss – Only Megabots, which are robots above the T10 tier, can enter a Megaboss battle and one Megabot will have to face many low tier enemies.