What does Caritas do for India?

Restore the Human Dignity of the Poor and Marginalised through an Empowerment Process. What Caritas India aspires to do ? Alleviate human suffering and misery in a spirit of Charity and Human Compassion.

Who is the director of Caritas India?

Paul Moonjely
Paul Moonjely took charge as the new Executive Director of Caritas India on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. He takes over from Fr. Frederick D’Souza, who served as Caritas India Executive Director for six years.

Is Caritas part of the Catholic Church?

Inspired by Catholic faith, Caritas is the helping hand of the Church – reaching out to the poor, vulnerable and excluded, regardless of race or religion, to build a world based on justice and fraternal love.

What does Caritas do in Germany?

Caritas Germany supports relief and rehabilitation during and after disasters, supports (financially as well as advisory support) social programmes for disadvantaged children, for people with disabilities, for the empowerment of women, for elderly people, various other social programmes and peacebuilding activities in …

How does Caritas help people in need?

By partnering with local communities we support them to build better lives for themselves – improving access to sustainable livelihoods, clean water, sanitation and education. That’s why we work with communities at the grassroots to eliminate poverty, by focusing on local strengths to promote positive change.

Why does Caritas help the poor?

We work to end poverty and promote justice in countries throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific, and the Middle East. Our work tackles global issues like food and water insecurity, national disaster readiness and gender-based violence.

What is the main work of Caritas?

Caritas promotes integral human development so that people in the worst off and most disadvantaged communities are free to flourish and live in peace and dignity. We work to ensure that our natural environment is managed responsibly and sustainably in the interests of the entire human family.

What does Caritas stand for?

love and compassion
Caritas is a Latin word meaning love and compassion.

What are Caritas activities?

What are Caritas goals?