What does editorial use only mean on Shutterstock?

Article. An image labeled for “Editorial Use Only” on Shutterstock is an image that cannot be used to advertise or promote a product or service. The people, objects or places in editorial images are not released. An editorial image can be used to illustrate newsworthy and current events.

What are editorial stock photos?

A photo under editorial license will be highlighted as such by the stock agency, as it means the image may show a brand, a trademarked logo or product, a public personality, or recognizable people, without a signed release or with limited releases.

Can I use editorial use only images on my website?

Editorial Use Only Restrictions An editorial-only image is limited to non-commercial uses. Proper use of an editorial image includes using it to illustrate news, commentary or opinion in newspaper or magazine articles, blog or website posts, or in non-commercial multimedia presentations (such as film). ‘

Can you use editorial photos on social media?

Photos marked with “Editorial Use Only” allow use of the image to support or accompany an article, but are not to be used for commercial purposes and to help sell or promote your brand/product. Unacceptable use would be to use the photo of the iPhone to promote your mobile site.

How do you take editorial photos?

Let’s look go at several best practices for shooting editorial, including:

  1. Use the Best Camera and Lens for Editorial Photography.
  2. Have a Simple, Portable Gear Package.
  3. Follow the Creative Brief.
  4. Create Unique Story Concepts.
  5. Be Punctual and Adaptable For Shoots.
  6. Post Process your Editorial Photographs.

When can I use editorial images?

Images marked as editorial use only involve documentation of a newsworthy story or event, and can be used for education. An editorial image is limited to non-commercial uses meaning they cannot be used to advertise or promote a product or service.

Can I use editorial images on social media?

What is the difference between royalty free and editorial?

In a nutshell, editorial images can not be used for any commercial use; Royalty-Free stock photos can be used for commercial purposes, but not on resale/retail items.

Can you use editorial use only on social media?

What makes an image an editorial use photo?

An editorial use photo is typically one that shows a person or property (building or product), but does not have a release document giving permission by that person or property owner to use the image. Legally, editorial images can’t be used for commercial, promotional, or advertising purposes.

What does editorial use mean on istockphoto.com?

Editorial Use as defined by iStock. iStockphoto Photography Standards: Editorial Use Only. The Editorial Use Only license means that the image cannot be used for commercial advertising purposes. An Editorial Use Only image can be used: In a newspaper or magazine article. On a blog or website for descriptive purposes.

What makes a Shutterstock image an editorial image?

Editorial content is any item that we don’t have legal release to license for commercial purposes. The following characteristics might qualify Shutterstock content as editorial: It portrays a celebrity. Celebrity images will almost always be Editorial Use Only ( like this one ). It portrays a person without a consent form.

What is editorial license or editorial usage of stock?

But images are to be used in the body of the articles or texts, accompanying and/or illustrating them. You cannot use Editorial photos in templates nor as part of the graphic design of the publication, nor in the cover.