What does FDC stand for USMC?

Fire Direction Center (FDC)

What does FDC stand for in mortars?

fire direction
Two fire direction computer personnel are located in the FDC of each type of mortar section with the exception of the 60-mm mortar. By having two computers, it not only reduces the possibility of errors but increases the speed and efficiency of the operation.

What is an FDC in the army?

The fire direction center receives target intelligence and requests for fire, and translates them into appropriate fire direction. The fire direction center provides timely and effective tactical and technical fire control in support of current operations. Also called FDC. ( US DoD)

What is a fire direction center?

: an element of an artillery command post consisting of gunnery and communication personnel and equipment by which the commander exercises fire direction and fire control.

What is the max Ord of 120mm mortar?

approximately 7,200 m to 9,500 m
120 mm smoothbore mortars have maximum ranges of approximately 7,200 m to 9,500 m, when firing conventional HE mortar projectiles.

What does FDC mean?


Acronym Definition
FDC Fire Detection Center
FDC Flight Director Computer
FDC Flight Data Company
FDC Facility Design Criteria

What is a firing unit?

: a prescribed quantity of ammunition for a given organization or weapon based on the number of rounds that on the average are expected to be used in one day.

Who are the fire control men in the USMC?

The equivalent USMC billet description is fire control man. There are five fire control men in a USMC FDC and three more in a BOC to facilitate 24-hour operations. These fire control men may perform the duties of the HCO, VCO, radio operator, or driver as needed in either the FDC or BOC.

Who is responsible for the operation of the FDC?

The FDO is responsible for all FDC operations. He is responsible for the training of all FDC personnel, supervises the operation of the FDC, establishes standing operating procedure (SOP), checks target location, announces fire order, and ensures accuracy of firing data sent to the guns.

Where is the Marine Corps Combat Development Command?

Recommendations may be sent directly to Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Doctrine Division (C 42), 3300 Russell Road, Suite 318A, Quantico, VA 22134-5021 or by fax to 703-784-2917 (DSN 278-2917) or by E-mail to [email protected].

How is a fire order transmitted to a FDC?

In battalion-directed operations, calls for fire are transmitted from the observer to the battalion FDC. The battalion FDO is responsible for tactical fire direction and selects the unit (s) to fire. A fire order is transmitted to the firing units that are responsible for technical fire direction.