What does the envied mean?

1 : painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage. 2 obsolete : malice. 3 : an object of envious notice or feeling his new car made him the envy of his friends.

What is Ingkong in Filipino?

[noun] grandfather; a very old man.

What does Prima mean in Tagalog?

Tagalog. n. premium (money paid for insurance)

What are the signs of an envious person?

Signs of envy include:

  • You aren’t happy for others when they achieve success.
  • Another person’s success makes you feel unhappy.
  • You feel the need to diminish someone else’s success.
  • You judge others negatively.
  • You’re happy when others face setbacks.

Is envy good or bad?

Envy, by contrast, is thought to be inherently bad—a “feeling of mortification and ill-will occasioned by the contemplation of superior advantages possessed by another,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

What is Ditse in Tagalog?

ditse = appellation for second eldest sister. from di ci (“di” means second and “ci” means older sister) kuya = appellation for elder brother. from ko a (“ko” is an appellation for older brother; “a” is a suffix) diko = appellation for second elder brother.

What does ILOY mean?

Hiligaynon. (H) Mother, mamma, madonna, dam; to be or become a mother.

What is the meaning of prima?

Adj. 1. prima – indicating the most important performer or role; “the leading man”; “prima ballerina”; “prima donna”; “a star figure skater”; “the starring role”; “a stellar role”; “a stellar performance” leading, star, starring, stellar.

What is the synonym of avarice?

greed, acquisitiveness, cupidity, covetousness, avariciousness, rapacity, rapaciousness, graspingness, materialism, mercenariness. meanness, miserliness. informal money-grubbing, money-grabbing, an itching palm.

How can you tell a girl is jealous?

15 Signs a Woman Is Jealous of Another Woman

  1. Acting Defensive. Few people will readily admit to being jealous when called out about it.
  2. Phone Snooping.
  3. Making Critical Comments About Appearance.
  4. Applauding Failures.
  5. Faking Physical or Emotional Distress.
  6. Guilt Tripping.
  7. Disparaging Success.
  8. Upping Her Game.

What is an example of envy?

The definition of envy is feeling jealous. An example of envy is the strong desire for a friend’s brand new car. To feel envy toward, at, or because of; regard with envy.

What does the word envy mean in Tagalog?

Resentful desire of something possessed by another or others (but not limited to material possessions). [from 13th c.] An object of envious notice or feeling. Emulation; rivalry. Public odium; ill repute. To show malice or ill will; to rail. To do harm to; to injure; to disparage. To hate. To emulate. To feel envy of.

What does the word envied mean in English?

The little girl envied the princess with the maid who was eating chocolates. This was a watertight mechanism that later monarchs and ministers might have envied. The care you took in photography was a good investment: many (including me) envied your slide collection. There is much to be envied in that.

What does it mean to be envied by a nation?

There is much to be envied in that. It looks as though this project had both, for which it is to be envied . But it was pleasant that serving the aims of humanity simultaneously entitled a nation to be admired and, still more pleasant, envied by her rivals.

What does a desk mean in Tagalog dictionary?

Kita kong may bulaklak sa ibabaw ng pupitre. This desk is made of wood. Gawa sa kahoy itong sulatan. A table, frame, or case, usually with sloping top, but often with flat top, for the use writers and readers. It often has a drawer or repository underneath.