What does widening of the mediastinum indicate?

Mediastinal widening on CXR is defined as width of more than 8 cm on posteroanterior view. It can be commonly due to lymph node enlargement, vascular causes, neoplasia, and rarely due to gastrointestinal causes such as achalasia or hernia.

What causes widened mediastinum in anthrax?

The prominent mediastinum is caused by hilar lymphadenopathy. In the 11 cases of inhalational anthrax, initial examination was often subtle but showed mediastinal widening, paratracheal and hilar fullness, and pleural effusions and/or infiltrates.

How do you measure widening mediastinum?

Widened mediastinum: Definition: A mediastinum measurement of ≥8 cm or >1/3rd the transthoracic distance at the level of the aortic knob on a supine AP film.

Why do you get widened mediastinum in aortic dissection?

Widened mediastinum carries a broad differential, but one in the setting of atraumatic chest pain should raise the concern for acute aortic dissection. The widening is due to the presence of a new dissecting false lumen next to the true lumen of the aorta.

What is the largest organ in the mediastinum?

Middle: The middle mediastinum is the largest portion, and contains the heart, blood vessels including those that travel from the lungs to the heart, and lymph nodes.

What bacteria causes widened mediastinum?

Clinically, persons infected with anthrax can develop a hemorrhagic mediastinitis, which manifests as acute pulmonary hemorrhage and meningitis. Hallmark finding of disease is a widened mediastinum visualized on chest x-ray. Once clinical symptoms of anthrax induced mediastinitis appear, disease is nearly 100% fatal.

Can Pneumomediastinum cause pneumothorax?

Other complications of pneumomediastinum include extensive subcutaneous emphysema or pneumothorax, which usually require minor interventions, such as skin incisions and chest tube drainage.

Is the Giemsa stain used to diagnose anthrax?

The preferred diagnostic procedure for cutaneous anthrax is staining the ulcer exudate with methylene blue or Giemsa stain. B anthracis readily grows on blood agar, and staining microbiologically differentiates the organism from non– B anthracis bacilli.

How do you assess mediastinum?

Examine the position of mediastinum by standing in front of the patient….Method of Exam

  1. Inspect for the symmetry of clavicular insertion of both sternomastoids.
  2. Tracheal Position: Gently bend the head to relax sternomastoids.
  3. Position of Heart: Identify the location of apex of the heart by inspection and palpation.

What is the difference between Type A and Type B aortic dissection?

Aortic dissections are classified into two types: type B dissection involves a tear in the descending part of the aorta and may extend into the abdomen, whereas type A dissection develops in the ascending part of the aorta just as it branches off the heart.

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What is the definition of a widened mediastinum?

Widened mediastinum: Definition: A mediastinum measurement of ≥8 cm or >1/3rd the transthoracic distance at the level of the aortic knob on a supine AP film.

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What causes widening of the aorta and mediastinum?

Widening of the mediastinum is a common observation that may be related to patient body habitus or atherosclerotic dilatation of the aorta and great vessels, but there may also be urgent causes such as aortic dissection or traumatic aortic injury. Less urgent but serious conditions that widen the mediastinum include acute mediastinitis,