What happened to Kilroy?

The show was taken off the air in 2004 after Kilroy made allegedly racist remarks. The BBC cancelled the show, stating that his views were a threat to the network’s impartiality. Kilroy claimed afterwards on the BBC’s Question Time that he had been under a six-month investigation when this happened.

What is the name of the political party launched by Robert Kilroy-Silk in 2005?

Veritas (Latin: truth) was a political party in the United Kingdom, formed in 2005 by Robert Kilroy-Silk following a split from the UK Independence Party (UKIP). Kilroy-Silk served as party leader through the 2005 General Election.

Which party did Robert Kilroy-Silk represent?

Robert Kilroy-Silk
Born 19 May 1942 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Nationality British
Political party Independent
Other political affiliations Labour (1974–1986) UKIP (2004–05) Veritas (2005)

How many members do the English Democrats have?

English Democrats

The English Democrats
Membership (2015) 2,500
Ideology English nationalism English independence English parliamentary devolution Euroscepticism
Political position Right-wing to far-right
National affiliation Alliance for Democracy

What do party members do?

Political parties usually include a party leader, who has primary responsibility for the activities of the party; party executives, who may select the leader and who perform administrative and organizational tasks; and party members, who may volunteer to help the party, donate money to it, and vote for its candidates.

How many Labour members are there?

Current membership

Party Total current membership Registered supporters (if applicable)
Labour 430,000 N/A
Conservatives 200,000 N/A
SNP 119,000 N/A
Liberal Democrats 98,247 17,102 (as of September 2019)