What happened to Mr Kessler in Boardwalk Empire?

Eddie Kessler Federal Agent Knox quickly ruined Eddie’s new hopes of advancement by kidnapping him and forcing him to squeal on Nucky and it wasn’t long before Eddie took his own life by leaping to his death from a top window of the Albatross Hotel.

Was Eddie Kessler a real person?

Kessler about to commit suicide. Edward Anselm “Eddie” Kessler (played by Anthony Laciura) is Nucky Thompson’s kind-hearted and loyal assistant and valet. The character is based on the historical person Louie Kessel who was an assistant, bodyguard and driver to the real Nucky (Enoch L. Johnson).

Why does Eddie Kessler kill himself?

On Sunday’s episode, Knox uses Eddie’s checkered past in Germany to force Eddie to confess that he was delivering the money on Nucky’s orders. Wracked with guilt over betraying his boss, Eddie returned home, where he threw himself to his death from his bedroom window.

Who plays Nucky Thompson Butler?

Kelly Karavites
Nucky’s butler, played by Kelly Karavites, serves the Thompson household.

Why was Sally killed in Boardwalk Empire?

Sally and her bootlegging partner Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) planned to make a killing by importing Bacardi rum to the United States once Prohibition ended. Instead, Sally gets killed at a military roadblock outside Havana.

What was Eddie saying in German Boardwalk Empire?

What is Eddie mumbling in German? He is saying the first line of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” in his native tongue: Wenn du den Kopf behältst und alle anderen verlieren ihn… If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs…

What did Eddie kesslers letter say?

Eli asks Knox if he speaks German (we know that he does from last week). He hands over Eddie’s letter to Knox, who translates: “My dearest son, this afternoon I got the happy message that I am a grandfather. I cannot express the joy…”