What Happened to My Money magazine subscription?

Kiplinger has acquired the direct-to-publisher (DTP) subscription file from Money magazine (about 400,000 subscribers), the publication that Meredith Corp. recently decided would no longer have a print publication after its current June/July issue. Meredith acquired the Money brand in 2018, when it bought Time Inc.

Is Money magazine still available online?

History. The first issue of Money magazine was published in October 1972 by Time Inc. After failing to find a buyer, Meredith in April 2019 announced that it would cease Money’s print publication, but would invest in the brand’s digital component, Money.com. Money published its last print issue in June 2019.

How much is a Money magazine subscription?

A regular subscription to Money is $14.95.

Is Money magazine still published?

Money Magazine Shutting Down Print Time Inc. was then bought by Meredith Corporation, which put Money up for sale in 2018. However, after no offers to buy, Meredith Corporation announced it would continue online publication but Money Magazine would no longer be in print in April 2019.

What happened Kiplinger?

Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc., was a closely held company managed for more than nine decades by three generations of the Kiplinger family, until its sale in February 2019 to Dennis Publishing, a U.K.-based media company.

Is Kiplinger a good magazine?

Kiplinger’s This magazine has long been the top choice of investors and economy-minded individuals for personal finance topics. The magazine’s website is also an excellent resource for topics including investing, insurance, taxes, retirement, and even small business.

How do you get a Money magazine published?

How to pitch Money magazine

  1. Decide on your topic.
  2. Figure out what category your story fits into of these: Everyday Money, Careers, Investing, Real Estate and Family Finance.
  3. Make sure your material has a catchy title; make it short, interesting and bold.
  4. Write about something new.
  5. Be concise and to the point.

How is money managed?

Money management refers to the processes of budgeting, saving, investing, spending, or otherwise overseeing the capital usage of an individual or group.

How do you get a Forbes Magazine?

How to subscribe Forbes India Magazine. To subscribe to Forbes India Magazine please choose the subscription option from the offer(s) given above by clicking on “Add to cart” or “Buy now”. After you click, you will be asked to confirm if this is a renewal order of Forbes India Magazine.

Is Money Magazine reputable?

“Money” magazine is full of practical easy-to-read articles. Thirty years ago I would never have subscribed to a magazine that focuses on money. “Money” magazine is a solid educational resource for learning how to balance saving and spending to fit your circumstances.

Who runs Kiplinger?

Dennis Publishing

Type Subsidiary
Founded 1920
Founder W. M. Kiplinger
Headquarters Washington, D.C., United States
Parent Dennis Publishing

How often does the Money magazine come out?

Published monthly, the magazine’s articles touch on a variety of monetary and economic issues, from best investment practices to paying for college. The coverage also includes the magazine’s annual, well-known “Best Places to Live” list, a collection of America’s best cities and towns to lay down roots based on career and lifestyle.

Where do I redemption code for Money magazine?

Monthly-published magazine providing in-depth coverage on personal and family financial matters like stocks, credit, and taxes After purchasing this deal, you’ll need to visit the website listed on your voucher to complete redemption. Learn more about redemption codes.

Are there any print magazines for personal finance?

This month saw their last print issue. This leaves only 2 personal finance print-on-paper magazines – Kiplinger and Money (down from a high of 8). I was a Smart Money subscriber a number of years ago, but the content became very watered down (particularly vs. Kiplinger), so I completely lost interest and unsubscribed.

Is the Wall Street Journal a personal finance magazine?

A few months ago, Smart Money, the personal finance magazine from the Wall Street Journal’s parent company, announced that they were ceasing print production and moving to a digital-only format. This month saw their last print issue. This leaves only 2 personal finance print-on-paper magazines – Kiplinger and Money (down from a high of 8).