What happened to Pumpchkin on MSP?

She was level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star) and in the 2nd spot on the US server’s highscores board. She has been inactive for several years, although hackers have been able to access her account for nefarious reasons, eventually leading to her account’s deletion in May 2020.

Is MSP 2 out?

MovieStarPlanet 2 is the newest planet in our universe. The game is under development which means that it is not finished yet! MovieStarPlanet as you know it is not going anywhere. It will take some time for MovieStarPlanet 2 to have all the features we dream of adding, so have patience and join us on the journey!

Who is Pumpchkin?

Pumpchkin is a regular user of Moviestarplanet (US). She is Level 101 (Lifetime Moviestar). She is in 2nd place on the US Highscores board.

When did the Yamaha YZR M1 come out?

Since then, the YZR-M1 has been continuously developed into several iterations through the 990cc, 800cc and 1000cc eras of Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing. 2002 was the first season which allowed 990 cc 4-strokes to be raced alongside 500 cc 2-strokes.

When did Valentino Rossi test the YZR-M1 engine?

Valentino Rossi has played a vital role in developing the YZR-M1 and their love story is one of the most famous tales in the world of motorsport. The Doctor first tested the YZR-M1 in 2004 and tried multiple engine prototypes before choosing one that he labeled a “sweet” engine.

Is the Yamaha YZF R1m still in production?

This model has been Discontinued. Yamaha has discontinued the YZF R1M [2015-2017] and the bike is out of production. The YZF-R1 and R1M are based on Yamaha’s ‘High Tech Armed Pure Sport’ concept. This makes them an all-out supersport model fully armed with advanced technology.

Who are the creators of the Yamaha M1?

The frame design also evolved during the season, with adjustment of the engine mounting position and change in the fuel tank shape. The M1 was test-ridden and developed by Max Biaggi, John Kocinski, Norihiko Fujiwara and Kyoji Namba throughout 2001.