What happened to Thalaiva?

Due to opposition from the ruling AIADMK as insisted by the then Chief minister J Jayalalithaa, the film had a delayed release in Tamil Nadu on 20 August 2013 and its performance was affected at the Tamil Nadu box office….

Budget ₹60 crore

Is Thalaiva a real story?

Karnan of Seethaparpanallur in Tirunelveli district said he reliably learnt that the film’s story was based on the real life of his grandfather S.S. Kandasamy Sait alias SSK and his father S.K. Ramasamy alias SKR. His grandfather and father were well known among the Tamils in Dharavi, Mumbai.

How many days did Thalaiva run?

Even as Thalaivaa is releasing in Tamil Nadu, amidst big fanfare, it has completed a 10 days’ run across the country and in overseas markets.

Who is director of Thalaiva?

A. L. Vijay

Is Thalaiva a flop?

Vijay was born to a famous Tamil film producer and director S. A. Chandrasekhar. His career geared up when he acted in Ghilli, one of the biggest blockbuster in Tamilnadu….Vijay All Films Hit Flop Box Office Verdict.

Film Thalaivaa
Year 2013
Verdict Flop

Why was Thalaiva movie banned Tamil Nadu?

Thalapathy Vijay’s Thalaivaa tagline offended AIADMK and Jayalalithaa, which stalled the films release in Tamil Nadu. Subsequently, the state government said that they could not provide protection to the film’s screening and banned the release in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Who is known as thalapathy?

This was the first film in which Vijay was credited with the prefix Ilaya Thalapathy (young commander), an epithet by which he became popularly known among fans and the media for the rest of his career. In the film Deva, Vijay performed risky stunts and it was a box office success.

Did Thalaivi release?

September 10, 2021 (India)
Thalaivii/Release date
Kangana Ranaut starrer ‘Thalaivi’, which is directed by Vijay, is announced to release on September 10 in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi languages.

Who is the next superstar?

After Rajinikanth, Vijay is the next superstar who is celebrated: Naveen Vox.