What is a Cecchetti exam?

The Cecchetti Council of America holds examinations in classical ballet for students and teachers who are training in the Cecchetti method. The Syllabus tests the technical and artistic accomplishments of student candidates who have been prepared by member teachers.

How many levels of Cecchetti are there?

The Cecchetti program is split into three areas: 1)The Primary Levels and 2) The Graded Levels and 3) The Professional Levels. The Cecchetti Graded Levels are a huge jump in technique from the Primary Levels and take much more attention to detail.

How do you become a Cecchetti teacher?

Licentiate Member: Shall be a minimum of 22 years of age. Shall hold Teacher CCA Grade Certificates I-IV, and Teacher Elementary (V). Shall have at least six years of responsible ballet teaching experience in the Cecchetti Method. Shall have passed Teacher Intermediate (VI) Examination.

How many grades are there in Istd ballet?

6 grades
There’s more than 6 grades. After grade 6 it goes to Intermediate Foundation (which is a voluntary grade and some teachers skip this) and then Intermediate, then Advanced 1, then Advanced 2. (so 4 more after grade 6 and they all get a lot harder). Have a look on the ISTD website under the Exams section.

How do you pronounce Vaganova?

“vah-gah-no-vah”, with the emphasis on the second “a”.

How do you pronounce Bournonville?

Say “ballet” in Denmark, and before long you’ll hear one name: Bournonville. The Danes pronounce it: Bonn-ville.

What’s the purpose of Cecchetti Exams in Canada?

Graded examinations are scheduled, and qualified examiners are provided, for students across Canada. The purpose of these examinations is to give teachers and students specific goals to work toward and to maintain standards of development consistent with international standards. There are five categories of Cecchetti examinations in Canada:

How to become a Cecchetti associate in Australia?

Effective 2012, Cecchetti Associates are given options for their further studies. Option 1. Remain as a Cecchetti Associate whilst working for a fully qualified Cecchetti Teacher Option 2. CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance teaching & management Option 3. Non Accredited Cecchetti Associate Diploma.

Which is the highest level of Cecchetti qualification?

Advanced 2 Successful completion of these examinations leads to qualification with the CC, and is recognized by the CICB. Associate (ACC-CICB) Provisional Membership Associate Diploma (ADCC-CICB) Full Membership Licentiate (LCC-CICB) Fellow (FCC-CICB) Fellowship is the highest level of teaching qualification.

What is the Cecchetti method of Ballet in Canada?

Cecchetti Canada is a student-focused, national organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Cecchetti Method of classical ballet and committed to the highest standards of training for dancers and teachers.