What is an acronym for engineering?

There are three common abbreviations of engineering. They are engr., eng., and engrg.

What is abbreviation in engineering drawing?

Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols

Abbreviation or symbol Definition
BRZ bronze
BSC basic dimension
CAD computer-aided design, computer-aided drafting; cadmium [plating]

What does P stand for in engineering?


Acronym Definition
P/L Providing and Laying (civil engineering)
P/L Parting Line (moldmaking)
P/L Payload
P/L Property Line

What is the title for an engineer?

In summary, IEEE-USA’s position recognizes that the general public interprets the term “Engineer” in a broader sense than the terms “Professional Engineer,” “Licensed Engineer” or “Registered Engineer,” which are protected titles under individual jurisdictions’ licensing statutes.

What does R mean in engineering?

Use of just the “R” with no associated size callout is generally intended to mean “full radius.” A word about Y14. 5M: Unless it’s called out on the drawing, or otherwise contractually agreed to, it has no standing.

What does P L stand for?

profit and loss statement
P/L, or P&L, stands for profit and loss statement. It is one of three key financial statements for a business. The other two statements are the balance sheet and statement of cash flows. The P/L calculates the profit or loss for a time period, usually a month or year.

Do engineers get titles?

Microsoft has since changed the title to “Microsoft Certified IT Professional”. Several licensing bodies for professional engineering contend that only licensed professional engineers are legally allowed to use the title engineer. These title holders never presented themselves as professional engineers.

Can you use engineer in job title?

Individual Titles & Designations. If you are not licensed, you can’t use reserved titles or designations in job titles, on resumes, or on social media because the public may believe that you have the right to practise engineering or geoscience. This can endanger public safety.

What is the list of engineering standard abbreviations?

Measurement Engineering Abbreviations A – Ampere AHU – Air Handler Unit APPROX – Approximately ASCII – American Standard Code for Information Interchange BTM – Bottom CL – Center Line CLR – Clearance CMU – Cement Masonry Unit CTR – Center DN – Diameter Nominal

What are some acronym words?

Here are some common acronyms used in government and military settings. True acronyms that are pronounced as words have been bolded: ASAP – As Soon As Possible. AWOL – Absent Without Leave. CIA – Central Intelligence Agency. CPS – Child Protective Services.

What is the abbreviation for engineering services?

There are three common abbreviations of engineering. They are engr., eng., and engrg. The most common of these three abbreviations is engr.

What is the abbreviation for mechanical engineering?

The abbreviation of the journal title “Mechanical engineering letters” is “Mech. Eng. Lett.”. It is the recommended abbreviation to be used for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes and meets all criteria of the ISO 4 standard for abbreviating names of scientific journals.