What is easytronic transmission?

Easytronic is the Opel tradename for a type of transaxle-based automated manual transmission or gearbox, as used in some Opel/Vauxhall cars. It is fundamentally a conventional manual transmission, with a single-plate dry clutch. The transmission is controlled by an electronic control unit (ECU).

What does a gearbox actuator do?

Actuators are drivetrain elements that convert electric signals into motion. They are excellently suited for automated testing of manual transmissions. The actuators from ATESTEO are specially designed for use in test benches for transmissions, gearboxes, drivetrains, and powertrains.

How does easytronic work?

How does Easytronic work? The clutch actuator works on hydraulic fluid, which is operated via a built in master cylinder. It uses two seperate motors; a select and a shift. Quite simply, the select motor will select the appropriate gear acording to the speed of the vehicle while the shift motor will engage the gear.

What does F mean on Vauxhall Corsa dashboard?

The “F” symbol is a fault detected in the easytronic gearbox systems,it cuts power to the ecu so the car wont start.

Is easytronic the same as automatic?

In this mode, the Easytronic gearbox is similar to a conventional automatic transmission, because the gear shifting is performed automatically. But, there is one difference! Since Easytronic is an automated gearbox, there is interruption in torque delivery during the process of gear shifting.

What does clutch actuator circuit low mean?

Vehicles with a semi automatic transmission allow you to change gears manually, or let the computer do it for you. A P0902 DTC means that there is a low voltage situation with the clutch actuator. …

What can I drive with an automatic license?

Electric Vehicles The majority of electric cars have a single gear, with a small number having two gears – all of which are automatic. Due to all electric cars having either no clutch or an automatic clutch, drivers holding an automatic licence can legally drive any electric vehicle.

How does the clutch actuator work on an Easytronic?

The clutch actuator works on hydraulic fluid which is operated via a master cylinder which is built in. The gear selector is comprised of 2 motors a select and shift.

How does the Easytronic gear selector work on a car?

The gear selector is comprised of 2 motors a select and shift. Easytronic transmission combines all the ease of an automatic with the control of a five-speed manual gearbox. Set to manual mode the Easytronic changes gear simply by moving the lever forwards or backwards, while Automatic mode is just that, complete with kickdown.

Can a Vauxhall Easytronic gearbox actuator be replaced?

Due to the fact that these units are electronically coded to your vehicle we are not able to supply a replacement unit as it would prevent your car from running, for this reason a second-hand part would not work either. (This is a very small selection of part numbers – please select your model above for more information)

What’s the difference between automatic transmission and Easytronic?

Compared to a regular automatic transmission Easytronic is real easy. It really is just a normal manual gearbox, with conventional clutch, which is automated, by having a couple of box’s bolted on.