What is IHS processor?

An Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) is the surface used to make contact between a heatsink or other thermal solution and a CPU or GPU processor.

What is CPU Delidding?

The process of removing a CPU’s IHS (integrated heat spreader). An IHS absorbs and spreads out heat from a CPU to its heat sink to keep it cooler. You would delid a CPU in order to replace it with an alternative thermal material for an even cooler PC.

What is CPU IHS made of?

It’s called the IHS, or integrated heat spreader. It’s apparently made from copper or a copper alloy (and nickel plated).

Is CPU Delidding worth it?

If you’re not talking about a serious CPU (like an i9 or i7 or some Xeon proc) then no, it’s not really even worth the time to discuss it. It’s irrefutable that you will have some benefit. Across the board people are reporting 20 C lower temperatures from delidding. This allows for higher overclocks to be sure.

Is Delidding a CPU easy?

The Delid-Die-Mate is really an incredibly simple tool that replaces the risky razor blade method. It’s a hefty hunk of metal, built to withstand the serious amount of force required to dislodge the heat spreader (which is attached with some heavy duty glue).

Can I use liquid metal on copper?

Putting liquid metal on copper is safe and fine and will not hurt the performance of the cooler in anyway afterwards, however it will leave a metal colored spot and does need to be reapplied a few times after the first application on fresh copper as it does dry out.

Can you use liquid metal on a GPU?

So this is the gpu I have, a gtx 1060 Jetstream from Palit, afaik, liquid metal should be applied on both copper and nickel and never ever on aluminium as it will get eaten by the metal liquid.

Does Delidding CPU void warranty?

No delid voids warranty. Falkentyne said: Absolutely NO warranty after delid.